Shaping Your Destiny in Law: Ms. Pragati's Journey to Success

In the ever-evolving world of careers, choosing the right path can be a daunting task, especially for law graduates. The conventional route, litigation, has been a well-trodden path for many in the legal profession. However, there is more to this world of jurisprudence than just courtroom battles. Ms. Pragati, an alumna of TMU’s College of Law and Legal Studies which is among the best law colleges in India, and a recent selection in PCS-J 2022, provides valuable insights into how to shape your destiny in the field of law. An Alumni mentorship was held at TMU on 9 Oct 2023.

A Non-Conventional Journey

Ms. Pragati, an accomplished graduate of the 2012-17 BA-LLB batch, was invited as the chief guest to the Alumni Mentorship Programme organized by the College of Law and Legal Studies and Alumni Relations Cell (ARC) at Teerthanker Mahaveer University. Her journey, as she articulately shared, took her beyond the traditional realms of law.

Beyond Litigation

The legal profession is often equated with litigation, but this is only one aspect of a multi-faceted field. If you are a law graduate and hesitant about pursuing a career as a lawyer, it's time to shed your worries. Ms. Pragati's journey exemplifies how law graduates can explore various career avenues, not limited to litigation.

A Broad Spectrum of Opportunities

Law is a dynamic career choice that spans various fields. It is not just about arguing cases in a courtroom. Today, you can consider a career in Patent Law, Corporate Law, and much more. A law degree offers a wide array of career paths, including corporate management, administrative services, and legal services.

Ensuring Speedy Justice

In the current global scenario, the demand for quick and efficient justice is paramount. Delays in justice can sometimes lead to further injustices. It's the need of the hour to expedite the legal process to ensure justice for all. As Ms. Pragati highlights, the role of a lawyer is not just about winning cases but also about upholding the principles of justice and ensuring a fair society.

Acknowledgement and Pride

The College of Law and Legal Studies at Teerthanker Mahaveer University takes immense pride in its students' achievements. Principal Prof. Sushil Kumar, expressed his delight in the students' accomplishments, not just in the legal field but across various domains. The university's alumni are making a name for themselves, both in their respective professions and as ambassadors of their alma mater.

Alumni as Pillars of Strength

In the eyes of Prof. Nikhil Rastogi, Joint Registrar of the ARC, alumni form the strongest pillar of the university. The identity and development of any educational institution are largely measured by its alumni. These former students serve as role models for current students, showcasing the infinite possibilities and accomplishments that can be achieved with determination and perseverance.

Ms. Pragati's journey from being a law graduate to a successful career in the Judicial Service Civil Judge examination of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is inspiring. Her experiences shed light on the diverse career options available to law graduates. It's not just about practising law in a courtroom; it's about shaping your destiny in a world of endless opportunities.