Pareeksha Pe Charcha: Insights from TMU's Examination Discussion

Teerthanker Mahaveer University, one of the best private universities in India, recently organised an event titled ‘Pareeksha Pe Charcha’, featuring an insightful discourse on examination strategies delivered by Professor M.P. Singh, Dean of DSW. Hosted by the Faculty of Education, the event aimed to raise awareness among students about the intricacies of examinations and the importance of effective preparation.

Pre-Examination Insights

Professor M.P. Singh commenced the discussion by shedding light on the essential aspects of pre-examination preparation. He emphasised the importance of meticulous time management, effective study techniques, and understanding the question paper format. His insights into expressing answers according to the marks allocation and aligning study activities with syllabus objectives provided students with valuable guidance.

Navigating Through Examinations

During the segment focusing on examination conduct, Professor M.P. Singh provided students with practical advice to maintain decorum and avoid any forms of malpractice. Stressing the significance of answering questions concisely and in an orderly manner, he highlighted the importance of neat writing and adherence to examination guidelines. His emphasis on self-reliance and avoiding external aids resonated strongly with the audience.

Post-Examination Reflections

The discussion extended to post-examination reflections, where Professor M.P. Singh encouraged students to utilise their leisure time for skill development. By advocating for the exploration of personal interests, he highlighted the importance of holistic development beyond academics. Dr. Vinod Jain, HOD of B.Sc.-B.Ed., expressed gratitude for the enriching discourse, affirming its value in shaping the students' academic journey.

The Success of the Event

Pareeksha Pe Charcha served as a platform for insightful discussions and invaluable guidance for students at Teerthanker Mahaveer University. Through the collective efforts of distinguished speakers and faculty members, the event facilitated a deeper understanding of examination dynamics and instilled a sense of purpose and direction among the attendees.


Q1. What was the primary focus of Pareeksha Pe Charcha at Teerthanker Mahaveer University?

Ans: The event primarily focused on fostering awareness and providing guidance regarding examination preparation and conduct.


Q2. Who were the key speakers at the event?

Ans: Professor M.P. Singh, Dean of DSW, delivered the keynote address, followed by insights from Dr. Vinod Jain, HOD of B.Sc.-B.Ed.


Q3. What were some key takeaways from the discussion on pre-examination preparation?

Ans:  Key takeaways included the importance of time management, effective study techniques, and understanding question paper formats.


Q4. How did Professor M.P. Singh address examination conduct during the event?

Ans: Professor M.P. Singh provided practical advice on maintaining decorum during examinations, emphasising self-reliance and adherence to guidelines.


Q5. What message did the event aim to impart to the students of Teerthanker Mahaveer University?

Ans:  The event aimed to empower students with the necessary skills and mindset to excel in examinations and beyond, emphasising holistic development and self-improvement. For more information on such events, follow TMU’s social media channels.