IIC Orientation: Unleashing Innovation for Young Innovators

April 27, 2023. | Under the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC), TMIMT College of Physical Education, TMU organised an informative orientation session on the IIC. Led by Professor Dr. Geetanshu Dawar, Convener of the University Institution's Innovation Council at TMU, the session aimed to enhance the understanding of IIC and cultivate an innovative mindset among students'/faculty members. Additionally, it focused on fostering an Innovation and Entrepreneurship-based ecosystem within the University.

The session commenced with an introduction by Aman Shakya, a student in the MPED-II semester, who introduced Dr. Geetanshu Dawar as the esteemed guest speaker, highlighting her academic and professional expertise. Professor Dr. Geetanshu Dawar then addressed the students, showcasing screenshots that shed light on thriving in an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

She discussed various aspects of innovation and provided a concise overview of the numerous Ministry of Education (MoE) initiatives, including the Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA), Kalam Program for Intellectual Property Literacy and Awareness (KAPILA), Young India combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation (YUKTI) – National Innovation Repository (NIR), Start-ups, Collaboration & Investment Facilitation, Intellectual Property & Commercialization, along with explaining the role of IIC Innovation Ambassadors. Furthermore, she offered valuable guidance on how young innovators can actively engage with the IIC.

During the session, the best practices of IIC were discussed, providing a snapshot of entrepreneurial journeys, highlighting the challenges faced, and emphasizing the role of innovation in their success. The session emphasised the crucial role of innovation in today's rapidly evolving world and emphasized the need to equip students with the necessary skills and mindset to thrive in the future.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks from Prof. Manu Mishra, Principal of the TMIMT College of Physical Education. Open to all young innovators, regardless of their academic background, the session was enlightening for the attendees.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India, has established the 'MoE's Innovation Cell (MIC)' to foster a culture of innovation among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) is an integral part of this initiative. TMU-IIC has received the highest 4-star rating among Higher Education Institutions in the NRO region. Thus, providing support and resources to help young innovators bring their ideas to life. To learn more about the IIC and how you can get involved, please visit

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