Gamophobia 3.0 Motivated Creativity and Innovation at TMU

Gamophobia 3.0, a two-day gaming extravaganza organised by the B.Sc. Animation department of Teerthankar Mahaveer University's CCSIT, one of the best engineering colleges in India, marked a significant event in the university's intellectual calendar. With 60 registered teams and 120 enthusiastic participants, the event aimed to promote creativity and innovation in gaming technology.

Event Details

The gaming spectacle was held on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2023 at Teerthankar Mahaveer University's College of Computing Sciences and IT (CCSIT). The event witnessed active participation from students across various departments, including B.Tech. AI, B.Sc. Animation, and others, with a total of 120 participants. The event spanned two days, with the first day witnessing 32 teams in action and the remaining teams participating on the second day. The gaming competition was structured into three rounds, each challenging participants with different aspects of gaming technology.

Distinguished Presence

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. RK Dwivedi, Director and Principal of CCSIT AND FOE. The hosting duties were shouldered by the B.Sc. Animation department, Faculty of Engineering & Computing Sciences. Distinguished personalities such as Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Labh, Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Mr. Ankur, Mr. Satendra Rathi, and Mrs. Shikha Gambhir added magnificence to the occasion.

Purpose of the Event

Gamophobia 3.0 aimed to fuel the passion for gaming into a force for innovation. It served as a platform for students to explore the intersection of creativity and technology within the gaming realm. Prof. RK Dwivedi, in his inaugural address, emphasised the importance of channelling gaming interests toward creating influential changes. The event aimed to foster an environment where gaming enthusiasts could translate their passion into cutting-edge technologies.

Prof. RK Dwivedi's wise words

Prof. Dwivedi's speech resonated with the audience, urging students to embrace their creativity and think beyond conventional boundaries. He applauded the B.Sc. Animation department for their proactive role in organising intellectual events. Special recognition was given to Jyoti Ranjan Labh, the programme coordinator, for his efforts in encouraging students to actively participate in such events.

 Recognition of Winners

The event ended with the felicitation of the top three teams who showcased exceptional skills and innovation.

- 3rd place: Om Lathe and Shaitam Jain (B.Tech. IBM) received speakers and certificates.

- 2nd place: Shubham Kumar and Abhishek Kumar (B.Tech. CS) received boat earphones and certificates.

- 1st place: Chirag Kaushik and Anup Kumar (B.Tech. AI) received headphones and certificates.

Success of the Event

Prof. RK Dwivedi expressed his gratitude to all participants and acknowledged the presence of Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Mr. Ankur, Mr. Satendra Rathi, Mrs. Shikha Gambhir, and others at Gamophobia 3.0. Their support added immense value to the success of the event. Gamophobia 3.0 proved to be a success to the university's commitment to nurturing talent and innovation. The event successfully blended gaming and technology, providing students with a unique platform to showcase their skills.