Concept of General Pharmacology (Animated /Comical Strip)

Under the aegis of the Indian Society for Rational Pharmacotherapeutics (ISRPT), the Concept of General Pharmacology was held on 8th September 2021.
The students of the Batch 2019 (CBME Batch) were assigned to make up a comical animated strip on various topics from the pharmacology curriculum and understand them interestingly.
This exercise was a part of Self Directed Learning (SDL) recently introduced in the new curriculum of NMC. All the students completed the activity in the stipulated time, which was further judged by the teaching staff of the Department of Pharmacology, TMMC&RC. Based on the simplicity of explaining a topic, 30 students were short-listed for the Final Round held on 8th September 2021. The event was held online via Zoom Online Platform.
Teerthanker Mahaveer University and its subsidy colleges ensure fun and interactive learning is incorporated through teaching and assignments. Such academic agendas have ranked the university in the top private universities in India. The assignments were judged by eminent faculty in the stream of Pharmacology.
The Judges for this online event were Prof. (Dr.) Surabhi Gupta, Prof & Head, Dept. of Pharmacology, SVSMCH, Meerut; Prof (Dr.) Sunita Singh, Prof & Head, Dept. of Pharmacology, NDMC Medical College & Hindu Rao Hospital, New Delhi and Dr. Sandip Mukhopadhyay, Scientist-E, ICMR – National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata.
All the students presented their concepts online within 2 to 3 minutes. They were judged on three criteria for their presentation – Concept, Content, and Understanding of the Topic.
The students TMU and SVSMCH, Meerut attended the online event. All the students attending the event received a certificate of appreciation.
The students who received the consolation prize were – Niketan Gupta, Anjali Singh, Aarushi Sharma, Poorvi Ranjan, Mamta, and Parul. The second runner-up for the event was Aaniya Singh, while there was a tie for First Runner-up shared by Aadesh and Kushi Tripathi; Karan Sachdeva won the event.
The concept of having a comical animated strip helps the student incorporate technology into the medical field and enhances their memory and understanding of the topic.
All the three judges were quite happy with the students' performance; they liked this innovative teaching-learning method and gave full credit to the students for their enthusiastic presentation and participation. The conclusion of the event was executed by Prof. (Dr.) Prithpal Singh Matreja, Prof & Head, Dept. of Pharmacology, TMMC&RC. The event's success was credited to all the students for their active participation and the entire Department of Pharmacology's prompt and precise coordination.