Calm Yourself, Not the Storm: Dr. Rani Srivastava

Stress can have a major impact on grades, sleep cycle, relationships, and overall health of a college student, making them feel anxious. To alleviate stress and help them reach their highest academic and personal potential, an exclusive session on stress management was organised by the Teerthanker Mahaveer University in association with the National Service Scheme on April 21, 2022.

The session was presided over by a mellowed Professor (Dr.) Rani Srivastava, who is also the Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology at Santosh Medical College and Hospital. Dr. Rani led an intriguing session in which she gave a questionnaire to all the attendees to have clarity over their level of stress and depression. She also made the audience do some quick yet effective exercises, which calmed their minds swiftly.

Enlightening the audience on Stress Management, “Dr. Srivastava introduced various relaxation techniques, time-management skills and the concept of mindfulness that help in effective stress management and performance enhancement among students. She emphasised that the complete elimination of stress is not possible and an amount of stress is beneficial for all of us.” There is a need for increased attention towards breathing exercises, meditation, proper sleep schedule, so that while we prepare ourselves to face challenges in life, our mental health isn’t affected,” she added.

Adding to it, Prof. Raghuvir Singh, Vice Chancellor of the University, stated that stress is our own creation. Instead of responding to the situation, most of the time we react to it without thinking of the consequences. What comes back gives us stress. It actually isn’t the stress, but is our reaction. Therefore, learn to know what is controllable and what is not to make life undisputed.

This enriching session lasted for around 3 hours and has helped the students to promote and restore health and well-being. Dr. Amit Sharma, Joint Director of Outreach and Extension Activities, hosted and conducted the programme. Keeping in mind covid norms and following social distancing, the session was conducted.

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