Alumni Relations organised one day workshop in the College of Paramedical Sciences under the Alumni Mentorship Program.

As part of the Alumni Mentorship program at Teerthanker Mahaveer University's College of Paramedical Sciences, a one-day workshop (Mentorship and Feedback on Curriculum) was held on Nov. 05, 2022, to connect budding professionals, i.e., students with their alum seniors and provide insight into the industry to students. The program began with a lamp-lighting ceremony in the presence of the guests, Joint Registrar, ARC, Prof. Nikhil Rastogi, and Prof. Navneet Kumar, Director of Paramedical Sciences. The alums were also welcomed at the podium and felicitated with flowers.

ARC, Prof. Nikhil Rastogi commented that Alumni are our valuable and prized ambassadors, and we look forward to a continued association with them. The University has mentored outstanding alums as professionals who are scaling new heights in the corporate world and setting new benchmarks for future generations.

The Alumni Relations Cell consists of a dedicated team of students and faculty working to maintain a healthy relationship between the Institute and its rapidly growing alum network.

Mohit Jain (Alumnus 2016-2019 batch bachelor of forensic science) shared with students the qualities of preparing oneself in today's context and guided them on becoming better forensic experts. He said that the demand for forensic experts is rapidly increasing among corporate and government bodies. This high demand means that your career path will be exciting and fruitful.

He said that you would have a massive responsibility as a forensic expert. After a security breach, you will be called upon to analyse the breach to determine how it happened. You will need to carefully handle evidence, even if you do not use electronics such as computers, hard drives, etc. Be trained first to handle drives or portable drives. If any electronics are tampered with, your investigation could lose information or break the chain of evidence, tainting any evidence and making it inadmissible in court.

You can also work as a consultant to a law firm that defends clients accused of cyber crimes. In that case, you will need to assess how the prosecution collected and handled the evidence. You will need your independent investigation of the case and evidence to help you build the best defence for the firm's client. Because you may be exposed to highly sensitive information, you must know and follow confidentiality laws. As a professional, you cannot afford to be seen as unethical in any way.

You will also need strong speaking skills that can help convince the jury of your assessment of the evidence.

Like many jobs in the high technology sector, a forensic job can be achieved by a determined technologist who applies it and is either self-taught or learns on the job.

At the end of the session, the students asked their questions to the alumnus, Mohit Jain. At the end of the Alumni Mentorship Program, Prof. Navneet Kumar, Director of Paramedical Sciences, congratulated Mohit Jain and all the students on this occasion to justify the years spent at Best Private University in UP, Teerthankar Mahaveer University. In the end, he expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the present scholars and students.

Event Coordinators: Teacher Ravi Kumar, Poornima, and Alumni Coordinators Neeraj Shah, Priyanka Singh, and Alumna Shreya Jain contributed to the program.For Information regarding TMU, please visit: