25 TMU Students Secure Internships in Germany

Teerthanker Mahaveer University, one of the top private universities in India, celebrates as 25 students of the College of Agriculture Sciences secure internships in Germany, specialising in horticulture. Through these internships, students will gain invaluable hands-on experience while contributing to international partnerships, showcasing the excellence of TMU's agricultural programmes on a global scale.

Session on International Horticulture Internships

TMU hosted an engaging online Zoom session, focusing on presenting exciting internship opportunities in foreign countries for the students. Spearheaded by esteemed guest speaker Mr. Mahendra Dhaibar, the session aimed to provide valuable insights and opportunities for students eager to explore career paths in horticulture abroad. Mr. Mahendra Dhaibar, a seasoned professional in the field of agriculture and international relations, brought a wealth of experience to the virtual podium. With extensive knowledge in horticulture and a passion for nurturing young talents, Mr. Dhaibar's presence added significant value to the session.

Introduction of the Seasonal Work Programme

A highlight of the session was the introduction of the Seasonal Work programme in Horticulture in Germany. This programme opened doors for students to gain practical experience and exposure to the vibrant agricultural landscape of Germany. With a focus on horticulture, participants delved into various aspects of cultivation, management, and sustainable practices.

Active Participation by Students

The session witnessed an overwhelming response from students, indicating a keen interest in exploring international internship opportunities. Approximately 40 students from the 2021-22 batch expressed enthusiasm and eagerness to partake in the programme, highlighting their ambition to broaden their horizons and gain global exposure.

Selection Process

Following the initial expression of interest, a rigorous selection process was conducted to identify the most suitable candidates for the internship programme. 25 students successfully navigated through the interview round, showcasing their aptitude, passion, and readiness to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the programme.

The outcome of the event

The event organised by Teerthanker Mahaveer University served as a catalyst for fostering academic and professional growth among agriculture students. Through insightful discussions and valuable opportunities disclosed by Mr. Mahendra Dhaibar, participants gained valuable insights and inspiration to set out on enriching international internship experiences. As the selected students prepare to embark on their journey to Germany, they carry with them the promise of learning, growth, and contribution to the global agricultural community.


Q1. Is prior experience required to participate in the internship programme?  

Ans. While prior experience may enhance your application, it is not mandatory. The programme welcomes motivated and passionate individuals eager to learn and contribute to the field of horticulture.

Q2. What types of activities will interns engage in during the programme?

Ans. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in various activities, including cultivation, harvesting, pest management, and exploring innovative horticultural techniques under expert guidance.

Q3. How does TMU support students in getting internships and placements?

Ans. TMU aids students with applications, connects them to companies, and offers guidance for their professional development.

Q4. How can individuals stay updated with TMU events? 

Ans. Individuals can TMU's social media channels for event updates.