Bollywood's Mega Singer Sonu Nigam Applauds Teerthanker Mahaveer University and Hospital!

  • Sonu Nigam sends his love and appreciation for TMU hospital for its relentless services against COVID 19 and honors the late corona infected doctor as a martyred soldier.

  • Applauding Chancellor Suresh Jain & Group Vice Chairman Manish Jain's generous, selfless efforts, Sonu Nigam, salutes their humanitarian spirit.

Sonu Nigam, the famous star singer of Bollywood, sent his love and regards to the entire Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad family for its generous efforts against the Corona pandemic's global rage through a video message.

He appreciated the university management's efforts, the brave warriors – Doctors, nurses, paramedical, and all the other hospital staff for selflessly serving the patients 24x7.

The university's famous multi-super specialty hospital has become COVID-19 hospital, and its hospital staff has been working rigorously for its corona infected patients. The university has 200 isolation beds, 50 quarantined corona patient beds, along 20 bedded ICU chamber, especially for the COVID 19 patients.

In his message, the star singer extended his best wishes to the TMU team and especially to the owner's Chancellor Suresh Jain & Group Vice Chairman Manish Jain, for such humanitarian services they are making available for one and all. Moreover, he added a special message to the late doctor who got infected by corona and passed away recently and honored him by calling him a martyred soldier who battled fearlessly and contributed his best service.

Adding on, he prayed that soon this time of crisis that has befallen the entire globe will come to an end, but the significant contributions that the university & its hospital have made will always be remembered. Tough times bring out the real heroes inside us, and TMU hospital has proved it with its services.

Thanking once again to Chancellor Suresh Jain & Group Vice Chairman Manish Jain and the entire TMU family, he brought a new wave of motivation for the entire TMU family with his grand gesture of appreciation.

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