Physiotherapy, a Career Option?

Life is movement, movement is life, but to perform movement one needs the physical adherence to perform the action.

Physiotherapy is one such stream from the vast medical fraternity that deals with curing physical ailments of the body concerning muscles, bones, etc. It focuses solely on repairing physical impairments by the help of mechanical and physical techniques and guidelines. Physiotherapy programme has a lot to offer with a lot lesser span than any medical programme can.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University is one such place which offers Physiotherapy programme in all three manners like Diploma (DPT), bachelors (BPT), and master’s in physiotherapy (MPT). The master’s programme offers specialization in 4 segments; Ortho- physiotherapy, Neurosciences, Cardio respiratory and Sports physiotherapy.

Patrons of this faculty need to have more and more exposure to practical scenarios to have a better understanding of this field.

TMU Campus facilitates a 1000 bedded multi-speciality hospital along with an altogether segregated department dedicated only for Physiotherapy, which caters to the need of the students in an effective, progressive manner.

Physiotherapy students of TMU are taken on regular visit’s to the physiotherapy OPD division of the hospital. For their better learning the college has demonstration labs including all the mechanical tools and equipment that are required and used in the hospital industry. Having an annual curriculum, the third year students and fourth year students are exposed to the patients and assist on various training agendas at the physiotherapy unit. This helps the students to be more vigilant and implement their bookish knowledge for better judgement.

This avails fruitful treatment to the patients in a more accurate manner.

The master’s students along with 4th year bachelors also practice with guidance from their superiors which makes them familiar about the hospital environment and culture. Student’s doing specialization from the sports faculty assist the state level, National level players from the college of Physical Education that’s in the premise of the campus. One on one treatment given to the player students makes them have an insight to the atmosphere and presence of their skills properly in the sports physiotherapy sector.

Also with the kind of lifestyles we live now-a-days frozen shoulder, paralysis, slip disc, neck or spinal cord troubles are so very common. And such disorders can only be treated with the help of physiotherapy. Hospitals, wellness centres, resort and spa’s are always in need for physiotherapy services. Practitioners of this line have very up scaled salary packages.

So opting Physiotherapy as your career option can really be a good career prospect for you.

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