Fine Arts, Really?

To the entire fine art lovers, having trouble convincing your parents to enroll you into fine arts course? Well worry not, here's your salvation catering to help you persuade them.

BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) isn't just about brushes, pencils and sketch book, which is a huge misconception on everyone's part.

BFA is a versatile & vast stream which acts like a portal to advent a lot of career options for individuals.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University also known as TMU based in Moradabad has a College of Fine arts which offers both bachelors and master’s degree programs for the students.

BFA accommodates two main streams one which is widely known and is considered as the only thing BFA curriculum can offer to teach about is, painting. Applied arts, another main category of fine arts that usually gets shadowed as our minds are affixed on the paintbrushes and colors.

Applied arts consists various options to explore and explode their talent bombs into the world. With so many platforms emerging, people involved in the applied arts stream are in demand.

Applied arts consists of various subjects like photography, illustrations, motion graphics, set design and many more that open up various unique and good career options for you.

Today illustrations, comics on digital platforms are being used not only as a medium for entertainment or targeted only with the perspective of kids but for all. Creative’s, storyboards, advertisement segments and much more are few of the places where you can utilize your talent of applied arts course. With event companies making roar in the market and huge flooding of digital content coming into picture art directors are in demand stage designers are being sought after.

Movies have always exhibited the skills of huge and beautiful sets giving a different glam to the produced film. Producers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is quite popular in designing extravagant sets, showcases how important the set aspects play in a movie and give a long lasting impact.

Graphic designers, illustrators, on the other hand are a must when it comes to print media, advertising agencies, generating digital media creative content nowadays. Be it a publishing house or a magazine they all require a graphic designer for their work.

Internet has given new hopes for all the talents worldwide and freedom to showcase their work on digital platform and still get you work as a freelancer.

Photography has evolved into a new world in itself. Fashion mags, newspapers, travel photography, wild life photography, architectural photography etc. are few of those options a camera enthusiast can look into.

Also with the advent of E-Commerce handicrafts, arts and artists are gaining recognition because of it. Your art works can get very much popular on online portals and can get you business from it. You never know!

So don’t falter from explaining your friends and parents where your degree will take you or how interesting and career securing your fine arts degree is.

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