Yoga Session 2020

A Yoga session was conducted on 6 March, 2020 from 10:30am-11:30 am in collaboration with TMIMT College of Physical Education. On this occasion Mr. Ravindra Dev Principal of Fine Arts and Mr. Manu Mishra Principal of Physical Education, along with all the faculty members and students gathered to explain the importance of Yoga. The session was conducted by Acharya Purti Sahu, Acharya Sana Khan, Acharya Vinay Kumar.

The Acharyas elaborated about the importance of Yoga and Acupressure along with explaining various different asanas to the students and the way it is helpful to deal with our mental and physical stress of our day to day lives. The instructors took out their precious time and joined us on this occasion making it a fruitful event for all.