World Mental Health Day

Mental Health & Hygiene, is as much essential as much as physical health but due to the social stigma it has people avoid it but as an institute that develops future educators TMU's Faculty of Education organized a talk show on Mental Health & Hygiene.

The talk show was graced by Dr. Prerna Gupta, Psychiatrist of TMU Hospital on 23rd January, 2020. Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra, Principal of Faculty of Education welcomed her by offering her a bouquet of flowers.

Dr. Prerna initiated her talk with the approach of enlightening people about types of hygiene, sources that cause mental illness recently and how to deal with demoting thoughts that develop lower self-esteem. Internal counseling and talking about issues help rather than keeping them to ourselves. We can be as healthy as we keep our mind hence taking proper care of it just like any other part of body should be the approach.

Consulting a professional for help is great for making any problem simple hence do not shy away from it. At the end of the session a memento was presented to Dr. Prerna for all the vital information she shared about the topic.