World Laboratory Day Celebrating Diagnosis and Advancements in Laboratory Science

College of Paramedical Science at Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU) Moradabad witnessed an exceptional celebration of World Laboratory Day on April 24, 2023. The event, held at the university's state-of-the-art laboratory, aimed to promote the value of accurate diagnosis and raise awareness about the crucial role of laboratory investigations in the field of healthcare. The event attracted students, faculty members, healthcare professionals, and researchers from various disciplines, to immerse themselves in the world of laboratory science. The theme of the event was “Future Is Lab”.

The objective of the session was to instill a deep understanding of the significance of diagnosis before initiating any medical treatment. The attendees were enthusiastic to grasp the importance of precise and timely diagnostic procedures in achieving positive results. It showcased various new techniques used in laboratory science, sparking interest and curiosity among the attendees. From basics of sample collection to advanced genetic testing methods, participants were introduced to a comprehensive range of laboratory investigations that are revolutionizing modern healthcare.

Dr. Navneet Kumar, Vice Principal, College of Paramedical Sciences, expressed his delight at the overwhelming response to the event. He said, "World Laboratory Day at TMU aimed to ignite the passion for laboratory science among students and professionals. We take pride in having established a space in which individuals can share their insights and experiences, which will help the diagnostic practices. The guest speaker of this event was Prof M. Jasleen who emphasised the importance of continuous research and innovation to keep up with the ever-evolving medical landscape.

The event concluded with a sense of motivation and commitment among the participants to implement the knowledge gained in their respective areas of expertise. TMU's World Laboratory Day undoubtedly succeeded in its mission to spread awareness about the significance of accurate diagnosis and the advancements in laboratory science. The program was attended by 95 students and faculties namely, Mr. Devendra Singh, Mrs. Archana Jain, Mrs. Kanchan Gupta, Mr. Baijnath Das, Mrs. Megha Chaudhary, Mrs. Shikha Paliwal, Mr. Pinaki Adak, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Mr. Saurabh Singh Bisht, Mrs. Priyanka, Mr. Bikram, Ms. Juhi Yadav, Ms. Anjali, Mr. Vinay Pathak, Mr. Himanshu Yadav, Mrs Poornima, Mr. Ravindra, and Ms. Mamta. The event ended with a vote of thanks given by Dr Ruchi Kant, HOD Department of MLT.

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