World Breastfeeding week

Department of Pediatrics, Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College & Research Centre, Moradabad, celebrated the Breastfeeding week from August 1, 2021, to August 7, 2021. The entire week was scheduled with various activities related to the significance of the theme Protect Breastfeeding: a shared responsibility.
Breast milk is considered one of the most suitable foods for a newborn. Hence breastfeeding inadvertently becomes a vital choice to ensure good health and growth of the baby.
Researchers believe that breast milk for babies can reduce the risk of them becoming weak due to bacterial and viral infections. WHO also stresses through its active research and reports the inclusivity of having the breast-fed milk for the baby's intellectual development to his physical well-being for a minimum period of six months.
To share and bring awareness regarding the importance of breast feeding Dept. of Pediatrics Organized a Free Health Camp (on August 2) & Counseled pregnant females and their families about Breastfeeding to lactating mothers, their family & friends. The program team was lead by Prof. Dr. Rupa Rajbhandari Singh (HOD, Pedia.) & Prof. Dr. Baljeet Maini & Assisted By Dr. Shruti Jain & Dr. Sheeba (Department of Pediatrics) along with the PG students.
August 4, the Department arranged a talk show to spread awareness. The talk show spoke about the various myths and facts about breastfeeding and cleared the doubts of the would-be-moms. Prof. Dr. Rupa Rajbhandari Singh followed by Prof. Dr. Anshuman Shrivastava. Dept. of Pediatrics resolved many queries received from the audience.
The program served fruitful as a lot of questions and interactions were seen between the doctors and the attending mothers & their families.
Dr. Baljeet Maini, Professor of Pediatrics, also informed about the importance of BreastFeeding to mothers & their babies. All lactating mothers were welcomed for the session by Dr.Shruti, and the PG students highlighted the appropriate techniques of Breastfeeding, do's and don'ts of Breastfeeding, etc. All postgraduates residents encouraged the mothers about breastfeeding benefits.
Finally, a vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Nisha Rana & Dr. Shruti on the occasion.
August 6, a quiz was conducted by Dr. B.K Gaur under the guidance of Dr. Rupa Singh, Head & HOD Dept. of Pediatrics.
The program initiated with a welcome speech by Dr. Rupa Singh and further conducted by Dr. B.K Gaur between four teams involving Pedia & OBG junior residents
The result was declared by Dr. Rupa Singh & winners were awarded.
The program was assisted by Dr. Saptrishi Bhattacharya & Dr. Nisha Rana. This event was highly appreciated by faculty and junior residents of Pediatrics & OBG.