Workshop On “Career Counseling” by Mr. Siddharth (Mahindra Education)

TMU's management college – TMIMT, conducted a one day workshop on Career Counseling for BBA II year students.

The workshop aimed to shape the students' future and help them make the right choices for their careers and life. More than two hundred students were a part of this workshop.
Mr. Siddharth (Mahindra Education) chaired the workshop as chief guest.

Principal Professor (Dr.) Vipin Jain introduced the workshop theme to the students and enlighten them about the importance of effective career planning.

Mr. Siddharth (Mahindra Education)talked about understanding their interests, aptitude, and potential and how to channel that in career preparation and development.

He also introduced the purpose of organizing this career-focused workshop to the audience.

Mr. Siddharth also discussed how changing outlook on life and developing abilities to succeed is necessary.

Dr. Manoj Agarwal, Head of Department, extended his sincere gratitude for devoting his precious time to the Institute.