Workshop on Biostatistics held at TMMC&RC, Moradabad

College Research Committee, under the leadership of Prof. S K Jain (Chairperson, CRC) conducted a Workshop on Biostatistics from February 2022 to May 2022. The academic activity was conducted under the banner of the College Research Committee with Prof. S.K. Jain (Chairman, CRC and Vice Principal & Head of Dept. of Anatomy) as the organizing chairman for the same event. The convener of the workshop was Prof. S K Gupta (Head of Department of Community Medicine), Prof. Nidhi Sharma (Prof-Department of Anatomy) was the Program Chair and the Organizing Secretary for the Workshop was Prof. Prithpal S. Matreja (Member Secretary, CRC and Head of Dept. of Pharmacology).

The workshop was scheduled for every Saturday from 3 to 4 pm starting from February 26, 2022, to May 21, 2022, with faculty delivering lectures on varied topics for day-to-day use of biostatistics for research. The target audiences for this workshop were postgraduates of Medical College & Hospital, as well as faculty of TMMC&RC. The purpose of this workshop was to give a basic understanding on topics in biostatistics that are regularly heard about. Biostatistics is always dreaded as an unknown territory by Students and Faculty of Medical College, this workshop was to give them a fair idea on how to approach any research question and proceed ahead with the analysis of the same.

The topics were appropriately chosen for this purpose. The various topics covered were: Overview of Applied Biostatistics; Inferential Statistics; How to choose Suitable Statistical Tests for Significance and Analysis of Data; Study Designs; Different Sampling Techniques; Screening for Disease; How to Prepare Master Chart on MS Excel/SPSS for Statistical Analysis; Statistics and Randomized Clinical Trials; Interpretation of Statistical Analysis and How to Calculate Sample Size. These topics were covered by both faculties from TMMC&RC as well as alumni of IIT, Gandhinagar. The faculty deliberated on the topic and answered the queries related to the same. Inferential Statistics was quite elaborately described by Ms. Sanya Jain (Alumi, IIT, Gandhinagar) in two sessions, which was quite handy for the participants. The other speakers were Prof. S. K. Gupta, Prof. Sadhna Singh, Dr. Umme Afifa and Dr. Prithpal Singh Matreja. The Chief Guests for the Inauguration Ceremony were Prof. S. Dutta (Principal, TMMC&RC) and Prof. Ajay Pant (MS, TMMC&RC) whereas the felicitation was done by Prof. V. K. Singh (Addl. MS & Head of Medicine Dept.).