Webinar held on Implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules.

Department of Civil Engineering, FOE & CCSIT, TMU, Moradabad in association with Indian Society of Structural Engineers organised a one day technical webinar on the topic "Implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules."
The webinar aimed to make the students, industry professionals; faculty members of civil engineering field understand the technicality & working of Solid waste management rules more fundamentally.
The webinar commenced with a brief address by Prof. R. K. Jain, Head, Civil Engineering Department, FOE & CCSIT, who welcomed chief guest & speaker Dr. Mohan Balwant Dagonkar, Retired Additional Municipal Commissioner, Navi Mumbai and Er. Shantilal Jain, President, Indian Society of Structural Engineers.
Prof. R. K. Jain highlighted the Civil Engineering Department of FOE&CCSIT along with Indian Society of Structural Engineering; what is solid waste and how to manage it environmentally etc.
After the brief introduction to the topics, an expert talk was held in which Chief Guest Dr.M.B. Dagaonkar through a case study, presented how a big garbage site transformed into a beautiful park. He shared his experiences and knowledge about solid waste management with the students and also gave them suggestions. He urged the students to develop a creative and environment friendly approach to resolving the issues concerning solid waste management.
The webinar was attended by Dr. R K Jain (Prof. & Head Civil Engg.) along with of Prof. (Dr.) S.R. Ali, Mr. A.K. Pipersania, Mr. Ankit Kumar Sharma, Mr. Siddharth Mathur, Dr. Shekhar Saxena, Mr. Amit Kumar, Ms. Nisha Sehal, some industry personals and the curious students.
This Webinar provided the opportunity to the students, faculty & industry experts to know about the problems of solid waste and their responsibilities to manage it proving more insightful as it was delivered with real life examples & problems that are faced to control the waste & manage it well.