TMU’s Engineering College Ranks 8th in Times Engineering Survey 2024

Teerthanker Mahaveer University, one of the best private universities in India, has consistently aimed to blend academic rigour with practical industry exposure. TMU’s Faculty of Engineering has achieved a significant milestone by securing the 8th position in the Times Engineering Survey 2024 conducted by the Times of India. This accolade highlights TMU's commitment to providing exceptional education and fostering excellent career opportunities for its students.

Importance of Engineering Surveys in India

The survey, a benchmark in evaluating engineering institutions across India, highlights TMU's proactive efforts through its Corporate Resource Centre. This department plays a pivotal role in bridging academia and industry, ensuring that students are well-prepared and equipped with the necessary skills for their professional journeys.

TMU's Ranking Achievement

TMU's achievement in securing the 8th rank reflects not only the quality of education imparted but also the effectiveness of its placement strategies. It signifies a strong partnership with leading companies and a robust alumni network that supports ongoing career growth for graduates.

Celebrations at TMU are vibrant, with faculty, students, and alumni expressing pride and satisfaction in this accomplishment. Industry leaders have also commended TMU for its role in shaping competent engineering professionals who contribute significantly to the workforce.

Holistic Approach to Education at TMU

Looking ahead, TMU remains committed to enhancing its educational offerings and further improving its rankings in future surveys. Strategic initiatives are underway to strengthen academic programmes, expand industry collaborations, and enrich the overall learning experience for students.

Significance of the Achievement

TMU's achievement in the Times Engineering Survey 2024 is a clear demonstration of its relentless pursuit of excellence in engineering education and placement outcomes. It sets a benchmark for other institutions and reinforces TMU's position as a leader in nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the field of engineering.


Q1. How does TMU's Corporate Resource Centre contribute to student placements?

Ans:-TMU's Corporate Resource Centre facilitates industry partnerships, organises career fairs, and provides career counselling to ensure students are well-prepared for placements.


Q2. What makes TMU's Faculty of Engineering unique among its peers?

Ans:- TMU focuses on a holistic approach, integrating academic learning with practical industry exposure, thereby enhancing the employability of its graduates.


Q3. How often does TMU participate in such national surveys?

Ans:- TMU regularly participates in prestigious surveys like the Times Engineering Survey to benchmark its performance against national standards and continuously improve its offerings.


Q4. What are some of the strategic initiatives TMU is planning for the future?

Ans:- TMU plans to strengthen academic collaborations, introduce specialised programmes, and enhance infrastructure to further elevate the quality of education and placement opportunities.


Q5. How can prospective students benefit from TMU's ranking in the Times Engineering Survey?

Ans:- TMU's high ranking indicates strong placement prospects, ensuring that graduates receive ample opportunities from leading companies, thus boosting their career prospects. For more information on such events, follow TMU’s social media channels.