TMU's Educational Odyssey to Narora Atomic Power Station

Aug 17, 2023. TMU's Faculty of Education students undertook a knowledge-enriching educational excursion to Narora Atomic Power Station. It aimed to provide students with a first-hand experience of the power generation process. The trip offered invaluable insights into the operations of a nuclear power facility. This visit was organised under the guidance of Prof. MP Singh, Dean of Student Welfare.

Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

The visit kicked off as students left the TMU campus early in the morning and arrived at Narora Atomic Power Station. Ramdas, an officer of the station, warmly welcomed the students and acquainted them with the intricate workings of the facility. The tour of the students began at the training centre, where an informative short film introduced everyone to nuclear power generation. The centre's instructor, Rajesh, patiently addressed their queries, providing technical explanations and dispelling misconceptions about nuclear energy.

The students gained an in-depth understanding of the power generation process as they toured the nuclear station. Each one explored various stage and observed machines such as the calandria, reactor, turbine, and control room. Additionally, everyone witnessed the transformation of nuclear energy into electricity. This hands-on experience brought their textbook learning to life, leaving faculty and students captivated.

Address by Student Welfare Dean

Prof. MP Singh, Dean of Student Welfare, says, "It's a profound pleasure to witness our students engage in industrial visits to Narora. This extends their learning beyond the classroom. These experiences are invaluable in cultivating a deeper understanding of the real-world applications of theoretical knowledge. I firmly believe that such initiatives not only broaden their horizons but also inspire them to embrace their studies with enthusiasm."

Led by Dr. Jivitesh Rajput, Assistant Professor of Physics, and guided by Dr. Vinod Jain, Faculty in charge of the Faculty of Education. The visit to Narora Atomic Power Station served as a testament to TMU's commitment to experiential learning. Thus, providing students with practical insights that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional education.

About the Narora Atomic Power Station

Narora Nuclear Power Plant is one of the finest nuclear power stations situated in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. Narora Atomic Power Station is the common name of this plant. There are two operational units called IN-7 Narora 1 and IN-8 Narora 2 power plants. NPCIL manages the design, construction, and operation of the Narora. It is an operational plant that serves as a baseload power plant that uses PHWRs. The power plant produces radioisotopes and nuclear energy, used for agricultural and medical purposes.

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