TMU students presented at Startup Mahakumbh-2024

The entrepreneurial spirit thrived as the faculty and students of Teerthanker Mahaveer University ventured into a journey of enlightenment to the much-awaited Startup Mahakumbh-2024. Held from March 18 to 20, 2024 at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, this event was a collaborative effort spearheaded by leading organisations like ASSOCHAM, NASSCOM, Bootstrap Incubation & Advisory Foundation, TiE, and IVCA, supported by esteemed government bodies such as DPIIT, Invest India, Startup India, and the National Startup Advisory Council. The event was graced by our Honourable PM Narendra Modi, adding prestige and significance to the occasion.

A Confluence of Ideas and Ambition

Under the central theme 'Bharat Innovates,' Startup Mahakumbh-2024 featured mentorship clinics, pitch competitions, and a multi-track conference featuring leadership talks, panel discussions, and workshops. The event was a vibrant platform for startups and future innovators to interact, share insights, and evolve.

Participation and Presentation

The event witnessed active participation from five dynamic teams of students from TMIMT College of Management - TMU on March 19. These teams showcased their innovative concepts, reflecting the university's multidisciplinary approach. The ideas included- VIBIQUE-AI Mens FashionSolution, SUVIDHA-Online Services, VermiCompost- Compost manufacturing through organic waste, Green Write-Ecofriendly Stationery Solutions, TYSAA Skin Care-Organic Skin Care Handmade Products. They covered a wide range of sectors, including technology, AI, agriculture, healthcare, sustainable solutions, and digital platforms. This visit was seamlessly coordinated by Dr Bindoo Malviya (Professor, Coordinator- IIC & IA, TMIMT), Mr Vivek Birla (Assistant Professor-TMIMT) and Dr Geetanshu Dawar (Professor- TMDCRC, Convener-IIC, TMU).

Interactions and Networking

One of the highlights of the visit was the opportunity for both faculty and students to engage in meaningful interactions with various Startup founders and entrepreneurs. These exchanges provided rare insights into the practical challenges and triumphs of running a startup. Founders shared their journeys, from ideation to execution and scaling, thus offering a realistic perspective on what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of startups. The importance of building a strong network and seeking collaborations emerged as a key theme. Interacting with a diverse group of stakeholders offered new perspectives and potential opportunities for future endeavours.

Lectures and Learning Sessions

The Mahakumbh served as a centre for knowledge dissemination, with lectures and sessions covering various aspects of entrepreneurship, funding opportunities, and overcoming challenges. Eminent speakers from around the globe shared their wisdom, offering deep insights into the ethos of innovation, risk-taking, and persistence crucial for startup success. Engaging with founders and attending various sessions shed light on common challenges startups face, such as funding, market penetration, and scaling. Learning about these hurdles and the creative solutions implemented by successful entrepreneurs was immensely educational.

Pitching Sessions

Pitching sessions provided entrepreneurs with the chance to present their ideas to potential investors and receive direct feedback. This hands-on experience highlighted critical aspects of communication, market analysis, and financial planning essential for securing investment. Discussions on funding avenues illuminated the diverse options available to startups, empowering participants with valuable insights.

The Outcomes of the Event

The visit to Startup Mahakumbh-2024 was an enriching experience that transcended academic boundaries, imparting practical wisdom and inspiration. Armed with enhanced knowledge and a renewed spirit for innovation, the faculty and students of Teerthanker Mahaveer University stand poised to explore the entrepreneurial landscape with perseverance, creativity, and strategic thinking. As they reflect on this transformative journey, they are ready to carve a path towards success and leave a lasting impact on the world.


1. What is Startup Mahakumbh-2024?

Ans. Startup Mahakumbh-2024 is a flagship event that serves as a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas, engage with industry experts, and explore funding opportunities.

2. How does participation in such events benefit students?

Ans. Participating in events like Startup Mahakumbh-2024 exposes students to real-world entrepreneurial challenges, fosters networking opportunities, and provides valuable insights into the startup ecosystem.

3. What sectors were represented in the event?

Ans. The event featured a diverse range of sectors, including technology, agriculture, healthcare, sustainability, and digital platforms, showcasing the university's multidisciplinary approach.

4. What are the key takeaways for attendees?

Ans. Attendees gained insights into the startup culture, funding opportunities, marketing strategies, challenges of building a startup and the importance of perseverance and strategic thinking in the entrepreneurial journey.

5. How can students leverage the experience gained from such events?

Ans. Students can leverage the knowledge and connections acquired from events like Startup Mahakumbh-2024 to fuel their entrepreneurial ambitions. They can learn from experts, connect with mentors, and discover effective marketing strategies to turn their ideas into successful ventures, making a real impact in the startup world. For more updates, follow TMU’s social media channels.