TMU Selected as a Mentor under MIC's Mentor-Mentee Scheme

In a significant recognition of its contributions to the field of innovation, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, one of the best private universities in India, has been selected as a mentor institution under the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) Mentor-Mentee Scheme. The Mentor-Mentee Scheme is an initiative by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) designed to encourage and facilitate a culture of innovation in higher education institutions. Selection as a mentor under the Mentor-Mentee Scheme clearly indicates the university’s strong commitment to promoting a culture of innovation. The prestigious selection comes with a grant of Rs 2.25 lakhs and the responsibility to mentor five institutions in establishing innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems within their respective Institutes. The grant will be utilised to support the activities under the Mentor-Mentee Scheme.


TMU has been allocated five mentee institutions under this programme:

1. Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies (New Delhi)

2. Shree Varshney College (Aligarh)

3. Institute of Information Management and Technology (Aligarh)

4. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Dehradun)

5. Netaji Subhash Chandra College (Lucknow)

Objectives of the Scheme

1. Capacity Building: Enhance the capacity of mentee institutions in innovation and Entrepreneurship.

2. Resource Sharing: Facilitate the sharing of resources, knowledge, and best practices between mentor and mentee institutions.

3. Collaboration: Promote collaborative projects and activities between mentor and mentee institutions.

4. Network Building: Create a network of institutions that support and uplift each other in the innovation landscape.

Responsibilities of TMU as Mentor

1. Act as an Expert Member of the Mentee Institute: A key functionary from the IIC of TMU will join as an expert member of the IIC at the mentee institute and provide guidance on planning, progress assessment, action plan preparation and improvisation of I&E activities to be conducted in the mentee institutions.

2. Conducting Workshops/Expert Talks: TMU will organise workshops and expert talks for the mentees to enhance their understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. Organising Exposure Visit: TMU will also organise a 2-day exposure visit cum training programme focusing on Innovation, IP, Entrepreneurship, pre-incubation and Incubation facility creation, IPR filing & management and start-up services and policy mechanisms (NISP, ARIIA and others) support for mentee institute representatives.

4. Monitoring Progress: Regular monitoring of the mentees’ progress and providing feedback to help them stay on track.

Future Prospects

TMU’s selection as a mentor institution begins an exciting journey. The university is poised to make a significant impact on its mentees and contribute to the broader goal of creating a vibrant innovation ecosystem in India. The collaboration between TMU and its mentees is expected to yield innovative solutions and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship across the participating institutions.


Q1. What is the Ministry Innovation Cell?

Ans: The Ministry Innovation Cell (MIC) is an initiative by the Ministry of Education aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education institutions across India.

Q2. How were the mentee institutions selected?

Ans: The mentee institutions were selected based on their potential for growth in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as their existing infrastructure and commitment to these areas.

Q3. What kind of support will TMU provide?

Ans: TMU will provide various forms of support, including expert guidance, workshops, exposure visits, and continuous monitoring and feedback to help mentee institutions enhance their innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities.

Q4. How will the grant be used?

Ans: The grant of Rs 2.25 lakhs will be used to support activities under the Mentor-Mentee Scheme, such as organising workshops, conducting expert talks, and facilitating exposure visits. 

Q5. What are the future prospects for TMU and its mentees?

Ans: The collaboration is expected to yield innovative solutions and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship. TMU's role as a mentor will contribute to creating a vibrant innovation ecosystem in India, benefiting both the mentor and mentee institutions. To stay updated, follow TMU’s social media channels.