Teerthanker Mahaveer University organised Brain Manthan 3.0 Successfully

Teerthanker Mahaveer University, one of the best universities in India, recently hosted the grand finale of the third edition of Brain Manthan on November 4, 2023. This Mega Competition, organized by the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Development (CTLD), proved to be an intellectual extravaganza aimed at honing the 21st Century Skills vital for students' success in an ever-changing world.

Purpose of Brain Manthan 3.0

Prof R.N. Krishnia, Director (CTLD), explained the purpose of the mega competition in his welcome address during the grand finale. He emphasized the need to develop problem-solving skills among students, aligning with the challenges organisations face today—issues like products/services not being sold, high employee turnover, and poor customer loyalty.

To tackle these organisational problems effectively, employees require skills such as Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Analytical Ability. Brain Manthan 3.0 became a platform to nurture these essential skills, showcasing Teerthanker Mahaveer University's commitment to cultivating well-rounded individuals.

Distinguished Presence

The event took place under the gracious presence of Chief Guest, Dean Law and Legal Studies, Prof (Dr) Harbansh Dixit, whose wisdom and insights added immeasurable value to the proceedings. His notable accomplishments in law lent a sense of gravitas to the occasion.

Other esteemed guests, including Dean of Student Welfare, Prof (Dr) M.P. Singh, and Principal Pharmacy, Prof (Dr) Anurag Dixit, collectively endorsed the significance of Brain Manthan 3.0 in shaping the intellectual and cognitive abilities of the participants.

Guiding Light of the Event

The visionary behind Brain Manthan 3.0, Mr. Deepak Katiyar (Exe Trainer), played a pivotal role in orchestrating this event and Dr. Jasmine Stephen (Master Trainer) was the Quiz Master of Six rounds of grand finale. His dynamic approach, supported by a cohesive team of trainers, worked tirelessly to train and nurture young minds, ensuring the grand success of the competition.

The trainers of CTLD, including Mr. Dilip Varshney, Mr Anant Bharadwaj, Mr. Pradeep Panwar, Mr. Chandrabhsushan Sinha, Mr. Pallav Pandey, Ms. Charvee Khatri, Mrs. Alka Dayal, Mr. Atul Dayal, Mr. Ankit Sharma, and Mr. Sagar Pratap Singh, worked cohesively, contributing to the event's success.

A Glimpse into the CTLD

The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Development (CTLD) stands at the forefront of innovation in education. Under the expert guidance of Prof. Dr R.N. Krishnia, the Director of CTLD, the centre has continuously strived to create a conducive learning environment that encourages holistic development.

Execution of Brain Manthan 3.0

The competition itself was a captivating journey through the minds of some of the brightest young talents of Teerthanker Mahaveer University. A total of 505 teams (1515 students) participated, showcasing their logical reasoning, critical analysis, and deep reasoning skills.

Rounds 1 and 2 acted as filters, leading to the finale held in the TMU Auditorium on November 4, 2023. The finale comprised intellectually stimulating challenges and contests, testing the participants' critical thinking and analytical abilities.

Team Aspire from FOECS emerged as the winners, showcasing their skills in logical reasoning. They were awarded with Alexa Echo Dot devices, a testament to their intellectual achievements.

Team Musketeers (First Runner-Up) and Team Proxy (Second Runner-Up) also showcased exceptional skills and were duly recognised, receiving Fastrack Smartwatches and Boat Bluetooth Speakers, respective

The outcome of the Event

Brain Manthan 3.0 was a resounding success, enriching the intellectual horizons of all those who participated. It stands as a reminder of Teerthanker Mahaveer University's firm commitment to nurturing academic achievers and well-rounded individuals.

In a world where the ability to think critically and reason logically is paramount, Brain Manthan 3.0 proved to be an intellectual maelstrom that surely left a lasting impact on the participants, ensuring their readiness to excel in the world that lies ahead.