Swacchhtta Pakhwada-2019

An awareness programme on 'Water Conservation' was organized at LT-4 of Dental College & Hospital on 11/09/2019 in the presence of various guests and medical faculties like Principal of Dental College, Dr. Manish Goyal, Department Heads, Dr. M.K. Sunil, Dr. Meghananda, Dr. Atul Jain, Dr. Deepa, Dr. K.V. Arun, Dr. R.K. Yaluri, Dr. Pradeep Tangade, Dr. Nirmal.

TMDCRC conducts such awareness activities on a regular basis every year.

Its an effective step TMDCRC has taken up for its students and for the society. TMDCRC is hence listed as one of the best BDS college and research centre. Students here are given an environment for overall development even though being a private facility TMDCRC ranks in top colleges. TMDCRC has almost all the concerning departments in the field of dental along with the research centre too.

The Chief Guest and speaker, Assistant Municipal Commissioner Shri Gambhir Singh, was warmly welcomed by Principal of Dental College, Dr Manish Goyal.

During his address Chief Guest, Shri Gambhir Singh highlighted various aspects about water conservation and lack of proper management for harvesting it has given rise to water crisis on a global level. He stated how the Municipal Corporation of Moradabad has modelled the linking of religious sites with water harvesting to deal with devastating disasters like floods.

Later, to make the session livelier he interacted with the students with questions like, Why did we need a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

As young representatives of societies, the answers students expressed with an example, involved about how we ignored responsibilities which made even our holiest river Ganga impure and how everyone is now striving hard to save and keep Ganga clean. Also, various health problems in India at a rural level are due to unhealthy and unhygienic conditions. Hence a drive like this has helped bring in more awareness and reduce a lot of common health problems that individuals faced due to unclean conditions.

Mr Gambhir was proud of the fact that the younger generation holds such realization and commitment towards giving back to society. Continuing to his speech, he urged the students to not make the same mistakes that the people before have made of ignoring nature and going against it. This has led us to sad results. We being the culprits of the aroused situation should shoulder the responsibility, he said. He also informed that how the government is thinking of having a water conservation drive that will ensure that the rainwater from the village should stay in the village and the city water should stay in the city.

In the last brief statement, he addressed the future dentists of the country to carefully asses their responsibilities and work towards saving water as water is the most precious gift of nature. The main agenda should be water collection & retention as much as possible. And where there is excess water, the underground water tank should be built or even gathering of water in ponds should be done. Any effort big or small is accountable and such contribution should be made.