Scientific Forum

Scientia 2019 is a scientific forum aimed at sharing knowledge & expertise in the field of research.

TMDCRC conducts this forum on a regular basis to enlighten everyone about various topics going on with the field of dentistry. It is one of the effective steps TMDCRC has taken up for its students and research team. Due to its immaculate educational structure and efforts, TMDCRC is listed as one of the best dental colleges. TMDCRC has almost all the concerning departments in the field of orthodontics and dental along with a research center too.

Scientia forum works on an interdepartmental level. It acts as a platform for all the teachers, postgraduate students, interns to interact together and share healthy discussion topics regarding the scenarios in the management of various dental ailments. The platform was formulated and developed by Dr. Manish Goyal and became an opportunity to express one???s doubts, cases, etc and get more insight and clarity about the subjects, topics, and cases.

Since the forum works on an interdepartmental level, one can grasp the knowledge from the other dental departments related to Orthodontics surgery, radiology, etc too.