Report on Industrial visit to IFFCO Aonla

The Electrical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad, organized a day-long industrial visit to IFFCO Aonla, Bareilly (India) on April 21st, 2022 for electrical engineering students. The visit was organised with prior permission from the honourable Prof. R. K. Dwivedi, Director, Faculty of Engineering.

IFFCO Aonla is located in the Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh, India. IFFCO Aonla manufactures ammonia and urea as well as houses two production units having a combined installed capacity of 3480 MTPD of ammonia and 6060 MTPD of urea. IFFCO Aonla Unit has been at the forefront of sustainable production, adopting the most stringent measures to maintain the ecological balance. The unit is spread across 694.5 acres.

The plant has a power generation capacity of 40 MW. The IFFCO has two gas turbines with a capacity of 20MW each, and generates power at 11KV. They also have a 132 kV substation that feeds from UPPCL. It has a bi-directional flow of power, i.e., from the grid to the plant and vice-versa. The plant is well equipped with all the latest equipment and switchgear devices. They have a separate control room for controlling all the functions related to power flow using the PLC-SCADA System.

The visit started from the TMU Campus at 9:00 am and reached the IFFCO Campus at 12:00 Noon. During this journey, the students also visited Shri Ahikshetra Parshwanath Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra Temple which is a centre of religious consciousness and is a peaceful area surrounded by natural beauty. About 2800 years ago, Bhagwan Parshvnath attained ‘KevalGyan’ through deep ‘Tapashchran’.

On the arrival of the visit at the IFFCO premises, students and faculty were offered lunch by IIFCO authorities. Er. Manigreev Mishra, manager of electrical, welcomed all TMU students and faculty members and directed them towards the IFFCO training centre for further activities. Mr Harish Rawat, manager of training, led a very interactive session with TMU students there.

During this talk, he discussed the work and production at the Aonla plant. The students interacted with him in a very positive manner and asked about the career and internship opportunities available at the Aonla campus. The second session was also conducted by Er. Manigreev Mishra, in which he explained the current 40MW generation units and the subsequent substation of 132kV voltage lines. After the fruitful session, he first took the students along with the faculty members, to the substation, where he explained the various components and functioning of the substation. After that, the team visited the gas turbines to observe the operation in association with the grid lines.

IFFCO Amla is establishing a separate plant for Nano Urea at Aonla Campus. Nano urea is a potential component of 4-R nutrient stewardship as it promotes precision and sustainable agriculture. It promotes clean and green technology as its industrial production is neither energy-intensive nor resource-consuming. In addition to this, Nano urea helps in minimizing the environmental footprint by reducing the loss of nutrients from agriculture fields in the form of leaching and gaseous emissions, which cause environmental pollution and climate change.

This informative visit was supported by Dr Garima Goswami, HOD, electrical engineering department, along with faculty members: Mr. Umesh Kumar Singh,Dr. Shubhendra Pratap Singh, and Mr. Shashank Mishra. A total of 34 students visited the IFFCO plant to grab technical knowledge in various fields. The experience of the visit was a memorable time not just for witnessing the Aonla campus but also for learning about the technical aspects of electrical engineering.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University has always taken measures to provide students with exposure to various outdoor experiences so that they can adapt to the workings of the world. Industrial visits provide the students with a chance to learn practically via interaction, operating methods and employment practices, and exposure to reaction modifications. The university has an excellent placement track record with national and international internship and employment opportunities. To know more, visit -