ORS Week Celebration at the Department of Paediatrics

ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) week was celebrated on 30 July 2022, in the Department of Paediatrics with the headline: JODI NO 1 -ORS AND ZINC. It was celebrated in the Paediatrics Demonstration Room in the gracious presence and guidance of HOD Dr Rupa Singh along with all the faculty members, PG and MBBS students.

Parents and relatives of all IPD patients were invited. They were told about the advantages and easiness of ORS preparations and how it saves the child from unwarranted admission to hospitals. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has marked July 29 as World ORS Day to highlight the usage and importance of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS).

Demonstration on how to make ORS was done in front of the parents. They were also told about how to make the ORS solution at home with salt and sugar. The importance of zinc was narrated to them in their own vernacular language.

Prof. Dr N.S. Chithambaram and Prof. Dr Baljeet Maini also highlighted the importance of ORS + ZINC in diarrhoea. It was followed by an interactive question and answer session with parents, MBBS students and all faculty members.

The program ended with a vote of thanks to the parents to carry the message of Jodi No.- 1 ORS + ZINC and to share with all family and friends to reduce morbidity due to diarrheal disease in children. The main aim of the Department of Paediatrics is to enhance the knowledge & skills of our students and utilise them for the benefit of sick & needy children and ultimately help in their sound growth & development.