National Webinar on Significance and impact of Corporate behaviour on Productivity and Efficiency

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Development, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, under the able leadership and guidance of Prof. (Dr.) R. N. Krishnia , successfully organized a webinar on the topic ‘Significance and impact of Corporate behaviour on Productivity and Efficiency’ on 21st July 2021.

In his opening remarks, Director- CTLD, Prof. Krishnia welcomed the eminent speaker and the participants to the national webinar, shared his decades of experience with the audience and enlightened them with his valuable insights. His entire discussion was focused on Management Mantras to work efficiently at the workplace with appropriate corporate behaviour.
Being a certified life coach and master NLP practitioner, the eminent speaker Mr. Mokshagundam (Head- L&D, Gati KWE Pvt. Ltd.) delivered an expert talk on “Significance and impact of Corporate behaviour on Productivity and Efficiency.” He dived deep into the core subject and emphasised on necessity of interpersonal relations, strength analysis, skills identification and development along with ideal workplace behaviour. He suggested that for effective professional environment and efficient learning, ego should be omitted and open mindedness towards learning should be adapted. Through the use of story-telling he recommended that interpersonal relations go for the long term and professional media channels such as LinkedIn can be used for beneficial networking. He also added that maintaining a healthy behaviour is the key to success for it gives one time to stay away from unwarranted actions such as gossip therefore providing ample time to hone better skills.
The participants of the webinar excitedly sought guidance from the speaker and appreciated his efforts of keeping the webinar highly effective while keeping it simple to understand.
Mr. Vipin Chauhan ( Executive Trainer- Soft Skills, CTLD) played a crucial role in this event by organizing, coordinating and moderating the entire session. 500+ participants including students, faculty members and working professionals marked their presence in this exclusive webinar and had a learning and enriching experience.