National Pharmacovigilance Week Celebration

In continuation with all the communications received by the Indian Pharmacopeia Commission, Ghaziabad under the Pharmacovigilance Program of India (PvPI): National Pharmacovigilance Week was celebrated at TMMC&RC between 17th to 23rd September 2021. A series of events were organized by the Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center (AMC) of TMMC&RC to create awareness about increasing reporting of adverse drug reactions, as well as enhancing patient safety and avoiding medication errors for faculty and students of TMU. The series of events were organized by the AMC Coordinator – Prof. (Dr.) Prithpal Singh Matreja, Prof & Head, Dept. of Pharmacology and Junior Pharmacovigilance Associate of AMC – Dr. Richa Chaudhary.

To start with the series of events the first event was a quiz on Pharmacovigilance conducted in collaboration with AMC-JNMCH, AMU Aligarh. The quiz was for MBBS Students and was conducted online. Prof. (Dr.) S Z Rehman – AMC Coordinator, JNMCH, AMU, Aligarh and Pharmacovigilance Associate, AMU – Mr. Gufran Ali were instrumental in the successful conduct of the quiz which was collaborated by the Society of Pharmacovigilance, India (SOPI). The quiz was conducted on the afternoon of 18th September 2021, eleven MBBS students from TMMC&RC and AMU were shortlisted after the preliminary round for the quiz. These students shared the link to the quiz on Google form, which had to be completed in the respective departments under supervision. The quiz consisted of 25 questions in the form of MCQs and short answers on core concepts of Pharmacovigilance based on data generated from the website of IPC, this had to be attempted in 30 minutes after circulation. This was followed by an online session of all the students of TMMC&RC and AMU for interaction on the quiz, where the answer key was discussed with all the students to increase awareness. All participating students received the certificates and winners also received the trophies. The winners of the quiz were –the first prize went to Ms. Saimya Saba, second prize to Hamza Ansari, third Prize to Huzaif Anwar, fourth in the event was Aliza Yashfeen and fifth was Ribhya Kant. This was followed by the vote of thanks for the successful conduct of the event.

Secondly, the AMC conducted an Online Session in the form of a webinar on Medication Errors for the students, staff and faculty of TMU by Dr. Shivani Juneja, Clinical Pharmacology Head of Fortis Hospital, Mohali. The session had a total of more than 200 registrations of students as well as faculty. The session began with a brief introduction of the speaker by the AMC coordinator and the resource faculty (Dr. Juneja) covered a lot of things on the topic of Medication Errors – Detection and Prevention. She touched upon what are the various types of errors that we commonly encounter with examples of cases and what could be done to prevent them. She also gave input on errors that can be overlooked and the remedies that should be taken to avoid them. The session was quite interactive with students participating in the question and answer session.

The third event in the series was the Poster Presentation which was done by PharmD students of Teerthanker Mahaveer College of Pharmacy (TMCOP) on 22nd September 2021. This was an offline session. The theme for the poster presentation was – Importance of Pharmacovigilance in Indian Population or Medication Errors – Detection and Prevention. A total of 5 posters were submitted for the same and they were judged by the Faculty of Pharmacology Department of TMMC&RC – Dr. Shilpa Patrick (Prof – Pharmacology); Dr. Preeti Singh (Associate Prof – Pharmacology); Dr. Ruchi Choudhary (Associate Prof – Pharmacology); and Mr. Lalendra Yadav (Assistant Prof – Pharmacology). The judgment criteria for the poster presentation were based on concept, content and understanding of the topic. The winner of the poster presentation was Chetan and his team who had made a poster on Medication Errors.

One of our MBBS- Batch 2019 – Ms. Nandini Das also sent an e-poster to IPC on the theme of Medication Errors – Detection and Prevention.