Knock on Effect: A 5 Days Soft Skills Workshop

Employers consistently rank soft skills as the unrivalled criterion while considering candidates for employment. Yet, as per industry experts, lack of soft skills has been cited as the most critical issue to be addressed for students across all disciplines. Soft skills account for personal attributes that enhance individual interactions, job performance and career prospects. In this competitive, uncertain and fast-moving business world, training in soft skills puts students to excel and flourish. The key differentiator is not what work you do, but how you work. Strong soft skills ensure a productive, collaborative, and healthy work environment.

In an endeavour to remove the skill gaps and intending to create market-ready professionals, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Development (CTLD), Teerthanker Mahaveer University organised Knock-on Effect, a five days exclusive soft skills workshop. It also aims to empower the students for the real world. This training module of Soft Skills was devised after extensive research that includes crucial soft skills modules, i.e. 21st Century skills, Creative resume writing, Team Building & Leadership, Image Management, Email/Letter writing, etc.

This customised workshop was organised by CTLD on a special request of the students and college principals. The workshop received excellent responses and feedback from the students of numerous colleges, including College of Nursing, Physiotherapy, Paramedical, Pharmacy, Education, etc. Over 700 students across various streams marked their presence in this workshop and made this event a successful one. This on-demand exclusive workshop was organised under the guidance and supervision of Prof. R. N. Krishnia, Director- CTLD wherein Dilip Varshney, Atul Dayal, Rajneesh Tiwari and Vipin Chauhan played a vital role as facilitators and delivered extremely participative sessions.

CTLD comprises a team of ace professionals and experts utilizing experiential methodology, tools, techniques that ensure a complete transfer of learning. The pedagogy adopted was a unique blend of classroom training, along with interactive and engaging activities.