International Webinar on Covid-19 Issues & Challenges with Strategic Management

AIM OF THE WEBINAR: COVID-19 pandemic has left a stifling mark on the globe. Its nationwide & global scaled inactivity & lockdown has imprinted the world with so many challenges & issues. A webinar discussing this was necessary to be prepared for the future well, hence Covid -19: Issues, & Challenges with Strategic Management topic.
Day 1:
The proceedings of this webinar were initiated by welcoming the guest's Professor Raghuvir Singh, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor TMU, and Professor R. K. Dwivedi Principal & Director FOE&CCSIT along with the national & international speakers of the day. Both the guest's Professor Raghuvir Singh & Professor R. K. Dwivedi briefly outlined their views on the topic of the webinar and its relevance.

Next to their address a brief presentation from a student, Naman Gupta who had designed an app to track Covid -19 information along with his 3 friends shows & informs about all the latest reports and stages at which the pandemic is in every state. The participants interested in this app presented many queries about it.
Moving forward, the first keynote speaker Mrs. Anuradha Chawla, Founder CEO of better discussed many ways to keep ourselves happy and make others happy too in this stressful time. She focused on building inner happiness and developing skills in this time stating the essence of this time when they can nurture their skills well.
After having a soulful time with Mrs. Anuradha Chawla, Mrs. Uzma Qazi, from Saudi Arabia was invited to deliver her topic, The Global Shift to Online Learning.
Mrs. Uzma Qazi emphasized on enhancing online learning during this crucial condition of lockdown and away from institutions. She spoke about how todays evolved technology has become a boon for us, by keeping us connected, entertained, etc. Online classes are very beneficial for students as well as for the faculty. She emphasized to go through online learning and keep polishing our skills in the meantime. The changing landscape towards online education can not just bring the world together but also be equally enriching.
The first day of the webinar came to an end with the lecture of Mrs. Uzma Qazi and numerous questions getting submitted to all the concerned speakers to get the doubts thoroughly cleared.

The second day of the webinar began with keynote speaker Mr. Tanuj Chawla, Director T&P, Rama University to speak on the topic Lockdown is disrupting our younger generations education.Mr. Tanuj shared how upsetting these circumstances are and disruptive in terms of education even though online classes are a good solution but the real taste of education can be harnessed well through physical classes only. The academic knowledge is not enough to achieve the goals of life, soft skills and professional nature is nurtured through the actions and behavior of the teachers which are developed in the institutions. Hence the students should not be deprived of the chance to being at an educational institution concluded by Mr. Tanuj Chawla.
After the impactful delivery from Mr. Tanuj Chawla, Dr. Reena Mittal, HoD, Dayanand Degree College, Moradabad was invited to speak on the topic Impact of COVID-19 on higher education.
Dr. Reena Mittal explained numerous ways to enhance higher education during this period. She also advised following all the rules and regulations to save ourselves from this virus and to impart quality education to the students through the latest available technology. Her session ended with some doubts and concerns about the impact on which she satisfactorily answered.
The next speaker, Mrs. Juhi Agarwal, Slimming Manager, VLCC, New Delhi was invited to speak on the given topic Immunity booster against COVID-19, Mrs. Juhi, being a slimming manager, was well prepared to speak on the concerned subject. She explained how junk food and fast life have kicked with giving us less time to focus on nutritional intake leaving our immunity system to get affected majorly. Hence to boost our immunity proper nutritional food is essential. At this dreading time if we need to have a strong immunity to minimize the chances of getting affected by it. Adding on she gave some tips to boost immunity easily with the help of simple easily available foods.
In continuation of this program, Mr. Firasat Zaidi, from TMU, was invited to talk on the topic Remote working and studying: Managing well being during COVID-19.
Mr. Firasat Zaidi, being the faculty of management, spoke to manage our well-being by learning new skills through various online mediums, utilize the time to nurture the now dusty hobbies. As every city and country has become a remote area due to COVID-19. He focused on the need for education and to do meaning full work through online classes. With positive remarks on time management, Mr. Firasat Zaidis session came to a sweet end.
In continuation of the session Dr. Prerna Gupta, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, TMU was welcomed and introduced to the participants. She shared about stress management as per the topic Dealing with Stress during COVID Era. Her findings and experiments were found relatable to the participants. Living in stress is not easy but Dr. Prerna very clearly stated that we must have strong willpower to attain satisfaction and to cope up with the difficult situation of the COVID -19 pandemic. The session was interactive and interesting with so many case studies.
The webinar series concluded with the last session being of Dr. Prerna Gupta. The entire experience of the webinar got positive feedback giving us more enthusiasm to keep on continuing it!
All the participants were provided with e-certificates upon completion of the webinar.