Guest Lecture on Importance of MOOCs & SWAYAM

A guest lecture on the topic “Importance of MOOCs and SWAYAM” (6th February 2020) was organized at TMU’s Faculty of Education.

Dr. Vaishali Dhingra, Joint Registrar TMU, introduced and welcomed the guest speaker, Dr. Manju Gupta (Associate Professor Meerut, College Meerut).

Dr. Manju Gupta claiming the stage shared how in today’s world all of us are competing for jobs and success but the winner in this rat race will be someone with the extra mileage, something extra ordinary.

In addition to completing the degrees, the race of growing our individual potential mustn’t end. As teachers the communication standard must be elevated to give the students better understanding hence enrolling to different MOOCs (Massive online open courses) and SWAYAM can be opted.

Dr. Gupta encouraged on growing more objectives in lives which would help in developing ourselves. Along with it she highlighted the different MOOC and SWAYAM courses like creative writing, guidance and counselling, environmental education and ethics, etc.

What makes these courses better than the others is that they are accompanied with the practice based approach through the help of different assignments. Giving more brief idea about ARPIT, SWAYAM and NPTEL she concluded her talk and urged everyone to get all the benefits these courses provide.

Finally, Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra, Principal Faculty of Education, concluded the lecture by giving vote of thanks to Dr. Manju Gupta and Dr. Vaishali Dhingra along with a memento.