Guest Lecture on Forensic Ballistics and Crime Scene Investigation held TMU

Teerthanker Mahaveer University's Department of Forensic Science, under the College of Paramedical Sciences, organised a guest lecture on 1st May 2023. The esteemed guest speaker for the event was a renowned forensic expert Mr. Ravindra Singh Chauhan, Crime Scene Manager, CFSL, Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi. With his extensive experience in Forensic Ballistics and Crime Scene Investigation, Mr. Chauhan shared his lifelong expertise and insights into solving real-life cases.

The guest lecture, hosted by the Forensic Department, aimed to provide students and faculty members with valuable knowledge and a practical understanding of forensic techniques. The event was coordinated by Mr. Himanshu Yadav, Assistant Professor in the Department of Forensic Science, and convened by Mr. Ravi Kumar, Head of the Forensic Science Department. Dr. Navneet Kumar, Vice Principal of the College of Paramedical Sciences, TMU, chaired the event.

Mr. Ravindra Singh Chauhan captivated students and faculty members with his engaging presentation. He shared numerous cases, highlighting the typical facts and approaches he employed to successfully solve them. His vast experience in crime scene investigation and forensic analysis added a practical dimension to the lecture, leaving the attendees with a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The Chief Guest of the event was Prof. Harbansh Dixit Dean, College of Law & Legal Studies, TMU.

In the end, Mr. Ravi Kumar delivered a vote of thanks expressing gratitude to the speaker for his valuable contribution. He also extended his congratulations to all those involved in organising the event, including the students and faculty members in attendance, namely Mr. Ravindra Thakur, Mr. Akash Chauhan, Mrs. Chintakayal Purnima, Mr. Rakesh Yadav, Mrs. Priyanka Singh, and Mr. Raushan Singh, among others.

The guest lecture on Forensic Ballistics and Crime Scene Investigation proved to be an enlightening and informative event, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and practical experiences in the field of forensic science. The Department of Forensic Science at Teerthanker Mahaveer University continues to foster such educational initiatives to enhance the understanding and skills of its students and faculty members in the realm of forensic investigation and analysis. For more details, visit