Exploring the Treasures of Raza Library: Physical Education on Educational Tour

April 01, 2023. TMIMT College of Physical Education organised an educational tour to the Raza Library in Rampur for B.P.Ed second-semester students. Assistant Professor Yash Chandra Gangwar joined the B.P.Ed. students from the 2022-24 class on the tour.

The visit began with the first visit to 'Raza Library'. The Rampur Raza Library is a precious heritage of Indo-Islamic learning and arts, founded by Nawab Faizullah Khan in 1744. It forms the core of the library's rare and valuable manuscripts, historical documents, books, and paintings that were previously kept in the Royal Toshakhana. A brief introduction about the history of the library and its historical value has been given, which helped students to understand its significance better.

The library houses over 100,000 manuscripts, 83,000 printed books, 5,000 miniature painting albums, 3,000 specimens of Islamic calligraphy, 250 palm leaves, art objects, and astronomical instruments. The collection of historical coins also fascinated the students present in the library. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to ask various questions regarding the collection and preservation techniques used in the library. They were then taken to see the library where the manuscripts, calligraphy, coins, books, etc. were collected and preserved.

After that, the students visited the Aryabhatta Planetarium. There, they witnessed adocumentary film about the seven wonders of Earth and space as well. This was an enlightening experience for all the students as they got to learn new and interesting things about India's rich history.

Visits like these are a great way to expand one's knowledge and understanding of historical artefacts and cultures. The students found the experience to be both informative and enjoyable, says Prof. Manu Mishra, Principal, TMIMT College of Physical Education.

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