Educational Tour for MBA Students to Siddh Hospital

On 18th Oct 2022, Teerthanker Mahaveer University organised an Educational Tour for MBA - Hospital Management, final year students to Siddh Super Multispeciality Hospital, Moradabad. The visit focused on understanding the working of different departments, various processes, and job prospects for an MBA hospital admin position. The visit was addressed by Mr. Arshad Hussain, HR Head, Siddh Super Multispeciality Hospital, Moradabad.

Mr. Arshad Hussain discussed how the patient has been admitted, the pattern of patient emergency and non-emergency situations. He also explained how and when the patient can be discharged, the process of OPD, the rights and duties of patients, doctors and employees, and policies for disposing of biomedical waste. Students get to know the support services of the Hospital - HR, Finance, Marketing, Biomedical Equipment, Pharmacy, Health and Sanitation, Safety, Administrative, Pharmaceutical Dept etc.

Students were also taken to various wards and medical departments in the hospital such as emergency, critical ICU ward - for severally critical patients, general ward for settled patients, private rooms, gynaecology, daycare, OT, surgical department, KICU, blood bank, pathology, dialysis cell and many more. Students came to know about various positions and duties like- Patient Floor Manager, Billing Dept, Quality Dept, TPA Dept, Marketing Manager, Finance, Records, Doctors Coordinator, Dietitians, Night supervisor, Medical Superintendent etc.

The visit ended with an intellectual discussion at the HR Department and later in the conference room of the hospital. During the question and answer session, students asked their queries related to hospital management. The visit was successfully coordinated by Mr. Vivek Birla, CRC Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, TMIMT with the help of Dr. Mohit Rastogi, Program Coordinator MBA and Mr. Talat, transport department, TMU. The credit for organising the visit goes to Prof. Vipin Jain, Principal, TMIMT.

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