Curriculum Implementation Support Program-2(CISP-2)

Curriculum Implementation Support Program-2 was held by MEU of TMMCRC under Regional Center (HIMS, Dehradun) from 28th to 29th October, 2019. The purpose of this two day workshop was to sensitize the faculty about the changes in New MBBS Curriculum which has been implemented from August 2019 for the New MBBS Admission of Year 2019 onwards. The workshop was conducted in the presence of MCI Observer, Dr. JuhiKalra (MEU-Coordinator, HIMS, Dehradun) from HIMS, Dehradun.

Twenty seven faculty members from different streams were registered for the program as per guidelines received from MCI. The program was conducted by the Medical Education Committee Members, Curriculum Committee Members and Curriculum Subcommittee Members (Dr. Shyamoli Dutta, Principal & Prof-Pathology; Dr. Ajay Pant, MS & Prof – Orthopedics; Dr. Najmul Huda, Additional Dean Academics& Prof & HOD (Orthopedics); Dr. Rehana Najam, Prof & HOD (Obstetrics & Gynecology); Dr. Seema Awasthi, Prof & HOD (Pathology); Dr. Jayballabh Kumar, Prof & HOD (Physiology); Dr. Ashutosh Kumar, Prof. (Pathology); Dr. Sadhna Singh, Prof. (Community Medicine); Dr. N K Singh, Prof & HOD (Surgery); Dr. Sangeeta Kapoor, Prof & HOD (Biochemistry); Dr. Anish Prabhakar, Associate Prof. (Community Medicine); & Dr. Prithpal S. Matreja, Prof & HOD (Pharmacology & MEU Coordinator) were trained by Regional Center on 14th to 16th March, 2019; 28th to 29th February, 2020 and 24th to 25th September, 2020 from Regional Center/ Nodal Center.

As per guidelines received 5-8 participants from Pre-Clinical Department; 10-12 participants from Para-Clinical Departments and 10 participants from Clinical Department were selected. The Topics covered on the first day were Competency based medical education, IMG, Deriving objectives from competencies, linking competency objectives to teaching learning method, proposed changes in GMER 2019, electives, foundation course and AETCOM module; the second day had topics of early clinical exposure, integration, aligning & integrating competencies and skill training; whereas the topics for the third day were assessment if CBME, Aligning assessment to competency, objectives & TLM, Learning resource material , curricular governance and the road ahead. This was followed by feedback of the session.

The training program included all the aspects of new curriculum starting from framing the objectives to linking it with teaching learning method and also finally assessment of the concerned competency. There are certain concepts which were new like electives, early clinical exposure and skill assessment which were thoroughly discussed and opinion of participants were taken. The participants were also told about the changes in assessment method and integration.