Community Camp on Vanprasth Ashram

Community development is an important task to which TMU and its colleges are extremely committed to hence a two-day community camp was set up by the Faculty of Education. The camp was located at Village- Basera Khas, Post- Dingarpur Moradabad from 29-03-2019 to 30-03-2019. All the faculty members along with the students of B.Ed. fourth semester and M.Ed. fourth semester visited the place. The camp was inaugurated by Director, Students Welfare Dr. M.P. Singh & Dr. Rashmi Mehrotra, Principal of the Faculty of Education, TMU.

On the first day of the camp, TMU’s students visited a primary school where they informed the students of primary school about health and hygiene, effects of malnutrition, environment conservation, Save girl child, etc through the help of skits, posters, and proper explanation with the help of documented videos.

On the second day, a poster rally was carried out by the students and a survey was conducted with the families trying to inform them about health and hygiene. All the villagers had actively supported the entire team. The camp had the presence of few faculty members for the smooth functioning of it.