Case Based Learning 2021

Department of Pharmacology conducted cased based learning for the MBBS student of Batch 2019 (New Curriculum Batch), this was one of its kind activities to involve all the students and inculcate in them the mode of self directed learning (as proposed by the new CBME curriculum by NMC). Each student was given an option to choose a particular disease on which they would like to work on. The students were given a disease to search for and write down all the aspects of the disease allotted to them including the etiology, pathogenesis, management differential diagnosis as well as clinical manifestation for which they were given an option to look into textbooks and internet. This was followed by an activity that these students had to follow up at least 5 patients of the disease allotted to them and write down all the details of treatment and manifestation of patients and even give the rational for prescription of the drugs given to them by the Physician. All students submitted their projects. These projects were then allotted to the faculty of Pharmacology Department (Dr. Prithpal Singh Matreja, Dr. Shilpa Patrick, Dr. Preeti Singh, Dr. Ruchi Choudhary and Mr. Lalendra Yadav) for evaluation of the project. The faculty evaluated the project on the completeness and essential details of the study.

Based on the evaluation 14 projects were selected to be presented for Online Judgment. The students were directed to present one case and prepare the same under the guidance of faculty, with focus on treatment and rational for the drug usage. The time allotted for presentation was 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 slides for presentation. The event was held online and all the students attended the meeting. The Judges for the case presentation were Dr. Ashwani K Gupta from GMCH, Bharatpur; Dr. Pooja Reddy from Sri Aurobindo University, Indore and Dr. Prithpal Singh Matreja (TMMC&RC). The students were evaluated on the detailed discussion of the case which was followed by Question and Answer from the judges. The results of the event were as follows – Second Runner Up was Khushi Tripathi, First Runner Up was Kumari Shalini and winner of the Event was Ayushi Singhal.

The session ended with words of encouragement from the judges.