Alumni Talk on Success Mastery

September 28th, 2022. When it comes to exploring career paths, TMU students have access to a broad range of resources. But nothing quite compares to the real thing: face-to-face conversations with working professionals.

With this in mind, this time, the Teerthanker Mahaveer University’s Alumni Relation Cell conducted a virtual Alumni Talk series witnessing one of our distinguished alumnus Rishi Kishore Gupta, an MBA student of the 2004-06 batch. He is currently working as a Vice President and Country Manager at Huawei Technology, Dubai.

He motivated students by sharing some of the amazing life lessons. According to Mr. Rishi, “Mastery is the key to future success.” Considering Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein’s journey, he stated these people were masters of their skills, actions, and discipline. There is no shortcut method to achieve success, says Mr Kishore.

Later he shared with the students six commitments for mastery that include Professional Competence, Single Mindedness of Purpose, Personal Responsibility, Effective Conduct, Integrity, and Caring. Besides, upon asking, he suggested all the students read the book Unlimited Power by Tony Robinson.

Following this, the Registrar, Dr. Aditya Sharma, graced the occasion with his inspiring words. According to him, the Alumni Connect program defines how the alumni of an institution are related to their alumni. He termed the alumni Connect program as a bridge between alumni and students. While ending his words, he wished all the best to the students for their bright future.

With this, the session ended with a smile on everyone’s face. It was a grand success. The Teerthanker Mahaveer University Alumni Talk series provided an opportunity for students to gain valuable information from alumni about numerous career tracks. The relaxed and intimate workshops included small-group discussions, where students were encouraged to ask questions about entering the professional world.

According to the tradition of Teerthanker Mahaveer University, the alumni always live in a traditional bond with the present students and from time to time bear the responsibility of guiding them both professionally and personally. All this becomes amiable with the efforts of the Alumni Relations Cell (ARC). TMU is undoubtedly a centre of opportunity. To know more, visit TMU.