Alumni Talk: Megha Garg on "Campus to Corporate: A Successful Journey"

On October 21, 2022, Teerthanker Mahaveer University invited its distinguished global alumna, Dr. Megha Garg (Pharm. D, 2013–2019 Batch), University Topper & First State Gold Medalist to speak on "Campus to Corporate: A Successful Journey." She is currently working as a Systematic Review Scientist, at Maverex Ltd., United Kingdom. This event aims to provide career guidance to current students and inform them about various aspects of the global job market.

Dr. Aditya Sharma, Registrar, Teerthanker Mahaveer University said, "The goal of achieving success is possible only with self-confidence, self-control, and discipline." Without work efficiency, one cannot achieve success. He added that students can get valuable insight from this alumni talk about different experiences and practices that will be fruitful once they enter their professional field. Prof. Nikhil Rastogi, Joint Registrar, Alumni Relations Cell, introduced the meritorious alumna and stated that alumni are our valuable ambassadors and the most important part of our future hopes.

In continuation, Prof. Manjula Jain, Dean Academics, TMU stated, "This Alumni Connect Program defines how alumni are connected to their institution." She described the Alumni Connect Program as a bridge between alumni and students. During the address, Dr. Megha Garg told how she has achieved high status with many ups and downs in her life on "Campus to Corporate: A Successful Journey." As she described her successful journey, she thanked TMU for providing holistic development, valuable learnings and supportive faculty members.

Dr. Megha Garg said that Clinical Research Organisations are very helpful for those who moved from India for a job or higher studies. She advised creating a digital resume on LinkedIn with a QR code for improved job prospects. She told that she gained interpersonal and relationship management skills while working at a cafe. She emphasized gaining experience throughout her speech and counselled taking experience from any source one could find. In addition, she also recommended DATACAMP, a software that anyone can use to practice and learn.

At the end of the program, Prof. Anurag Verma, Principal, TMU’s College of Pharmacy, congratulated Alumna Megha and thanked her for justifying the years spent at the university. He said that partnerships between alumni and students help in mutual growth and development as they learn new skills and knowledge. He assured that such mentorship programmes will continue to be organised by the university. Later, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the present scholars and students.

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