Administrative Staff Development Programme

Faculty staff is the spine of every educational organization, and their development is an essential element for the students successful growth. Hence Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU) regularly conducts Faculty development programs to value and sharpen these educators skills.

However, the administrative staff is the vital and cementing key for the smooth working of every workspace, so acknowledging this parameter, the university CTLD team (Centre Teaching Learning & Development) provides Administrative Staff Development Programme (ASDP) to the staff members.

Keeping in mind, the CTLD team has carried out ten Administrative Staff Development Programme until Feb 2020 for non-teaching members of the university on various topics, i.e., Development of the right attitude self-Motivation, Health Hygiene, and Family Budget, etc. Such programs help bring positivity in the individuals, motivate the people, align them to the organizations values etc.

Director CTLD, Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Krishnia, with the support of other trainers, conducted all these programs helping the faculty & non-teaching staff resonate with the same motivation and bring out their best, ensuring staff development programs as a continuous process.