3D Printing - The Handy Emerging Diagnostic Tool

Teerthanker Mahaveer University?s Dental College recently held a CDE (Continuing Dental Education) on the topic of 3D printing. The guest lecturer for the CDE Dr Suresh Ludhwani hailed from Karnavati Dental College Gandhinagar Gujrat, spoke about the importance of the upcoming advancement of 3D printing.

Teerthanker Mahaveer Dental College & Research Centre regularly conducts CDE for the development of its students. Being one of the best dental colleges in the Delhi NCR for undergraduate & post-graduate-level courses, the college tries it?s level best to conduct various such workshops for their students on regular basis. TMU?s Dental college & Research centre ranks as one of the topmost private colleges in the state of Uttar Pradesh and India.

In his talk, Dr Suresh Ludhwani explained how the 3D printer like FDM, SLA, DLP work and how it is much more efficient and accurate than other mediums of diagnosis. Along with it, 3D printing saves a good amount of time.

He surmised on how the dental structure of every individual is different and every case is unique hence to unveil and simplify the complexity of dental problems of patients 3D printing can be a better diagnostic method to delve into. A lot of various problems like implants can be easily done and understood because of 3D printing.

Dr Suresh Ludhwani also sheds light on how 3D printing can be implemented in various dental branches like Orthodontics, OMR, Prostho, etc.

Dr Sagar Hirani, another guest speaker targeted the topic of Orthodontics. Briefly stating about the aligner and increasing involvement of 3D printing for orthodontics was also shared by him.

A brief question-answer segment regarding the brewing doubts was also cleared by the two guests for the students.

Prof. Raghuvir Singh also addressed the budding dental students about how important the roles of such CDE is in staying in touch with the new advancements and improvements is necessary.

The CDE was attended by dignitaries like Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. Raghuvir Singh, Dr Sagar Hirani, Joint Registrar Governance Dr Aditya Sharma, Principal Dr Manish Goyal.

The organizing committee consisted of various personals, organizing secretary Dr Ravindra Yesvi, Treasurer Dr Rupika Handa, Organising Joint secretary Dr Upendra Malik, Organising Co-Chairman Dr Mukesh Kumar, DR. Rajni Table and many more.