MCA in Network Technologies Programme

Fee Structure for MCA in Network Technologies Programme

Tuition Fee Rs 43200 /- (Per Semester )
Examination Fee Rs 4500 /- (Per Semester )
Lab Charges Rs 500 /- (Per Semester )
Enrolment Fee Rs 1000 /- (One Time )
Admission Registration Fee Rs 5000 /- (One Time )
Admission Processing Fee Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Convocation Charges Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Alumni Charges Rs 500 /- (One Time )
University Uniform Rs 0 /- (One Time )
Application Fees Rs 1000 /- (One Time )

MCA in Network Technologies Programme Scholarship

Scholarship for Jain Students:

  • All Jain students will be given upto 50% exemption in tuition fees and upto 50% in hostels fees for theentire duration of the programme.
  • All Jain students will be given up to 20% exemption in Tuition fees in the Nursing, Para-Medical, M.Sc. (Medical), Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Agriculture, BDS & D.El.ED. (BTC) Programme.
  • Multiple scholarships will not be avilable.

Scholarship for Non Jain Students:

Scholarship Range XII Score UP-CET Ex- TMU Student
10% 60% to 69.9 % N/A N/A
15% 70% to 79.9% N/A 60% to 69.9 %
20% N/A 401-500 70% to 79.9%
25% 80% to 89.9% N/A N/A
30% N/A % N/A 80% to 89.9%
50% 90% & Above 301-400 90% & Above
90% N/A Upto 300 N/A

Chancellor's Scholarship (For Teerthanker Mahaveer University Staff Wards)

For all Programmes except Collaborative, Dental and Medical 20% per Year

Special Scholarship for Meritorious Sports Aspirant of District/State/National Level

Upto 100%

Other Scholarship

  • Discount of 10% in tuition fee shall be given to the siblings of students studying / seeking admission in the university with the condition that it will be given to the sibling whose fee is lesser and it shall be applicable only on first year tuition fee and not on subsequent years.
  • Scholarship on case to case basis to differently-abled students will be given for entire programme. The amount of scholarship shall be such as based upon the level of disability (obtained from District Hospital) being produced. The details of the scholarship shall be shared subsequently once decided by the committee constituted for the purpose.
  • Multiple scholarship will not be available.

Programmes Offered for the Academic Session 2024-25

A journey through the intricacies of the MCA Network Technologies programme at TMU Moradabad. The curriculum, duration, and eligibility criteria are meticulously designed to prepare students for the dynamic world of technology. Specialisations offered provide a personalised touch to the learning experience.

Understanding the full form of MCA is crucial for aspirants. MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications, a designation that carries immense weight in the tech industry. TMU's MCA programme provides a platform for students to explore and contribute to the field of network technologies.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University values diversity and inclusivity. The MCA programme provides an inclusive learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds come together, fostering a collaborative and enriching educational experience.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The MCA in Network Technologies programme at TMU boasts a curriculum designed to align with the latest advancements in technology. From foundational concepts to specialised topics, the curriculum ensures that students are well-equipped with the skills demanded by the ever-evolving IT industry.
  • Expert Faculty: The heart of any academic programme is its faculty, and TMU's MCA in Network Technologies is no exception. The programme is led by a team of experienced and dedicated faculty members who bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the classrooms, providing students with insights beyond textbooks.
  • Practical Learning: The theory comes to life through practical application at TMU. The programme emphasises on learning, allowing students to gain real-world experience in network design, configuration, and troubleshooting. Well-equipped laboratories provide a conducive environment for practical exploration.
  • Industrial Specialisations: Recognising the diverse facets of network technologies, TMU's MCA programme offers industry-relevant specialisations. Whether it's cybersecurity, network administration, or database management, students have the opportunity to tailor their learning experience to match their career aspirations.

Choosing MCA in the Network Technologies Programme is among the best due to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, modern infrastructure, innovative teaching methodologies, and holistic development. The college's focus on industry relevance, research, placement success, global exposure, and a supportive community further solidifies its standing as a premier institution in the field of computer science and information technology.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University’s College of Computing Sciences & IT has earned its reputation as a hub for technological excellence. Learn about the recognition and achievements that make it the ideal choice for pursuing MCA Network Technologies.

  • Academic Excellence: At the core of TMU's CCSIT is a commitment to academic excellence. The faculty comprises seasoned professionals and scholars who bring a wealth of knowledge to the classrooms. The curriculum is designed to be dynamic, ensuring students are well-versed in the latest advancements in the field.
  • Modern Infrastructure: CCSIT boasts a modern infrastructure, including well-equipped laboratories and modern classrooms. The college's commitment to providing technology ensures that students have a hands-on learning experience, preparing them for the demands of the tech industry.
  • Innovative Teaching Methodologies: The college adopts innovative teaching methodologies to make the learning experience engaging and effective. From interactive lectures to practical demonstrations, CCSIT ensures that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain practical insights into real-world applications.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academics, CCSIT focuses on the holistic development of its students. Various extracurricular activities, seminars, and workshops are organised to nurture skills beyond the curriculum. This approach creates well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the professional world.

Navigating the admission process is made simple with a step-by-step guide. Important dates, requirements, and the application process are detailed to assist aspiring students in joining the MCA Network Technologies programme. For further detailed information and guidance connect with the admission cell at 19002701490 or visit the admission page and submit your details, our representative will contact you.

Prepare for success by understanding the top entrance exams for MCA Network Technologies. A breakdown of exam patterns and tips for preparation are provided to help students embark on their academic journey. For further information connect with the admission cell.

The journey doesn't end with an MCA in Network Technologies, therefore various career paths and further education options are available to graduates, opening doors to endless possibilities from cybersecurity to software development. Also, the IT industry's demand for skilled professionals makes graduates highly sought after. Opportunities extend to database management, entrepreneurship, global roles, and consultancy. In essence, pursuing MCA Network Technologies is a dynamic journey offering varied and rewarding opportunities in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The financial rewards that follow MCA in Network Technologies depend on certain factors influencing salary packages like location, level of expertise, and experience as well as the specialisation therefore increasing the potential for career growth.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University offers more than just education, a path of academic excellence, holistic development, and global exposure. TMU's unwavering commitment to providing a well-rounded education sets it apart as a top-notch learning and personal growth. Your journey towards a successful and fulfilling future begins at TMU.
As you reach the end, the doors to MCA in Network Technologies at in Moradabad is top-notch, with a dynamic curriculum, growth opportunities, and esteemed faculty make this programme a stepping stone to a successful career in the world of technology therefore shaping the future of the students.

  • Q) Is MCA Network Technologies in demand?
    Absolutely! The increasing reliance on technology ensures a growing demand for skilled MCA Network professionals.

  • Q) What sets TMU apart from others offering MCA?
    TMU's College of Computing Sciences & IT combines academic excellence with a holistic approach, nurturing well-rounded professionals.

  • Q) Can I pursue further studies after completing MCA Network Technologies at TMU?
    Certainly! The programme opens doors to various postgraduate opportunities and research avenues.

  • Q) Are there specific industries actively seeking MCA Network professionals?
    Yes, industries such as IT, telecommunications, and cybersecurity actively seek skilled MCA Network graduates.

  • Q) How does the MCA Network Technologies programme at TMU prepare students for real-world applications?
    Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and experience, TMU ensures that graduates are ready for the challenges of the industry.