Master of Business Administration (MBA Evening) Programme

Fee Structure for Master of Business Administration (MBA Evening) Programme

Tuition Fee Rs 70200 /- (Per Semester )
Examination Fee Rs 4500 /- (Per Semester )
Lab Charges Rs 500 /- (Per Semester )
Enrolment Fee Rs 1000 /- (One Time )
Admission Registration Fee Rs 5000 /- (One Time )
Admission Processing Fee Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Convocation Charges Rs 2500 /- (One Time )
Alumni Charges Rs 500 /- (One Time )
University Uniform Rs 0 /- (One Time )
Application Fees Rs 1000 /- (One Time )

MBA Evening Programme Scholarship

Scholarship for Jain Students:

  • All Jain students will be given upto 50% exemption in tuition fees and upto 50% in hostels fees for the entire duration of the programme.
  • Multiple scholarships will not be available.

Scholarship for Non Jain Students:

Scholarship Range Marks in qualified Exam All India Rank in JEE (Main) UP-CET Ex- TMU Student
10% 60-69.9% N/A N/A N/A
15% 70-79.9% N/A N/A 60% to 69.9 %
20% N/A 25001 to 50000 5001-9000 70% to 79.9%
25% 80% to 89.9% N/A N/A N/A
30% N/A N/A N/A 80% to 89.9%
50% 90% & Above 15001 to 25000 3001-5000 90% & Above
90% N/A Up to 15000 Up to 3000 N/A

Special Scholarship for Meritorious Sports Aspirant of District/State/National Level

Upto 100%

Other Scholarship

  • Discount of 10% in tuition fee shall be given to the siblings of students studying / seeking admission in the university with the condition that it will be given to the sibling whose fee is lesser and it shall be applicable only on first year tuition fee and not on subsequent years.
  • Scholarship on case to case basis to differently-abled students will be given for entire programme. The amount of scholarship shall be such as based upon the level of disability (obtained from District Hospital) being produced. The details of the scholarship shall be shared subsequently once decided by the committee constituted for the purpose.
  • Multiple scholarship will not be available.

Programmes Offered for the Academic Session 2024-25

The MBA (Evening) programme at TMIMT is designed to accommodate working professionals, offering a flexible schedule without compromising on the quality of education. Spanning over 2 years, the programme covers a diverse range allowing students to tailor their education to their career goals. Specialisations such as in executive, supply chain management, hospital management and many more, further enhance the learning experience.

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, a postgraduate degree that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the business world. It goes beyond academic theory, focusing on practical applications and strategic decision-making.

TMIMT's MBA (Evening) programme stands out due to its features. From renowned faculty to curriculum, students are exposed to an enriching learning environment that prepares them for the dynamic business landscape.

  • Curriculum and Specialisations: The programme offers a well-structured curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of business knowledge. Students have the opportunity to tailor their education by choosing from a range of specialisations, aligning their studies with their career aspirations. This flexibility ensures relevance and depth in the chosen field.
  • Experienced Faculty: TMIMT takes pride in its faculty, comprising seasoned professionals and academic experts. The diverse backgrounds of the faculty bring a rich tapestry of real-world experiences into the classroom, providing students with insights that go beyond traditional textbook learning.
  • Facilities: Equipped with modern amenities and technology, TMIMT provides an optimal learning environment. Infrastructure, classrooms, well-equipped libraries, and access to the latest research resources contribute to a holistic and enriching educational experience.
  • Projects and Internships: The programme integrates hands-on learning through industry-relevant projects and internships. This practical exposure ensures that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also apply them to real-world scenarios, enhancing their problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Networking Opportunities: TMIMT recognises the importance of networking in the business world. The MBA (Evening) programme facilitates networking opportunities through seminars, workshops, and industry interactions. Building connections with professionals and peers enhances the students' prospects in the competitive job market.
  • Global Networks: In a world where businesses operate on a global scale, the MBA (Evening) programme at TMIMT incorporates a global perspective into its curriculum. Exposure to international business practices and trends prepares students to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academic achievements, the programme focuses on the holistic development of students. Leadership skills, effective communication, and ethical decision-making are integral components, ensuring that graduates are not only competent professionals but also responsible leaders.
  • Career Support: TMIMT is committed to the success of its graduates. The programme offers comprehensive career support services, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance. This commitment is reflected in the high employability of TMIMT MBA (Evening) alumni.
  • Entrepreneurship: Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovative programmes which foster a spirit of creativity and initiative. Students are provided with the tools and mindset to identify opportunities, solve problems, and potentially embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Opting for this programme an evening MBA brings a multitude of benefits. The programme allows professionals to continue their careers while gaining a valuable education. By balancing work commitments with academic pursuits, students can apply real-time experiences to their work.

Success in the MBA (Evening) programme demands a set of skills that extend beyond textbook knowledge. Students develop critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills, analytical spectrum, problem-solving, and leadership qualities, and also include essential attributes for thriving in the competitive business world.

The heart of TMIMT's success is its distinguished faculty. Comprising industry experts and seasoned academics, the faculty brings a wealth of experience to the classroom. Their mentorship ensures that students receive a holistic and practical education.

  • Experienced Faculty: The TMIMT faculty comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, ranging from industry experts to seasoned academics. This blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks.
  • Practical Relevance: Many faculty members actively participate in the industry, bringing real world relevance to the classroom. Their firsthand experiences, case studies, and insights into current business trends provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how theoretical concepts apply in practice.
  • Commitment to Teaching: The faculty at TMIMT is dedicated to providing quality education. Their commitment to teaching excellence is evident in their innovative teaching methods, interactive sessions, and genuine passion for imparting knowledge. They go beyond traditional lectures, engaging students in discussions and practical exercises.
  • Guidance and Mentorship: One distinguishing aspect of TMIMT's faculty is its approachability. Professors are not just names on a syllabus; they are mentors who actively guide students through their academic journeys. The open-door policy fosters a conducive learning environment, encouraging students to seek guidance and clarification.
  • Learning and Research: To stay ahead in the dynamic field of business, TMIMT faculty engages in continuous learning and research. They contribute to academic journals, attend conferences, and stay abreast of the latest industry developments. This commitment to ongoing education is reflected in the quality of instruction provided to students.
  • Student-Centred : The faculty places students at the centre of their educational philosophy. Understanding that each student is unique, they tailor their teaching methods to cater to diverse learning styles. This personalized approach ensures that every student has the support needed to excel academically.
  • Industry Connections: The faculty's strong connections with industry professionals enrich the learning experience for students. Guest lectures, industry visits, and collaborations with businesses provide students with valuable insights and networking opportunities. This exposure enhances their understanding of the practical applications of business theories.

Navigating the admission process is a crucial step. Prospective students can follow a straightforward process, including various steps of admission. Understanding deadlines and preparing a comprehensive application will enhance the chances of securing a spot in the programme. For further information and details contact the admission cell at 18002701490

For aspiring MBA (Evening) students, preparing for entrance exams is key. CAT, MAT, and XAT serve as a benchmark for admission. Adequate preparation and strategic planning can significantly impact exam performance.

The journey doesn't end with the degree. MBA (Evening) graduates can explore various paths, including leadership roles, entrepreneurship, global opportunities, and executive management as well as Ph. D.s and academics are the exciting opportunities with cooperate jobs. Further, the MBA industry unveils current trends and demands. Graduates are well-positioned to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields

Earning potential is a significant consideration for pursuing an MBA (Evening). The average salary in India for MBA graduates is influenced by field experience and global connections as well as good performance. Such understanding of these factors empowers students to negotiate competitive packages.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University's TMIMT College of Management emerges as a top choice for an MBA (Evening) for several reasons facilities, infrastructure, skilled faculty with great experience, well-equipped classrooms as well as libraries and a commitment to student success, which make TMIMT an ideal destination for pursuing an MBA.

At last, our promise and your commitment, the MBA (Evening) programme at Teerthanker Mahaveer University’s TMIMT the top college of management is a transformative journey that combines academic rigour with practical relevance. Graduates emerge not only with a degree but with the skills and confidence to thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

  • Is the MBA (Evening) programme suitable for working professionals?
    Absolutely! The evening format allows professionals to balance work commitments with academic pursuits.
  • What sets TMIMT apart from other MBA programmes?
    TMIMT boasts distinguished faculty, a flexible curriculum, and facilities that create a unique learning environment.
  • Are there scholarships available for MBA (Evening) students?
    Teerthanker Mahaveer University’s TMIMT offers various scholarships and financial options. For further information and details contact the admissions cell at 18002701490.
  • Can I choose a specialisation in the MBA (Evening) programme?
    The MBA programme offers a range of specialisations, allowing students to tailor their education to their career goals. For further information connect with the admission cell at 18002701490.
  • What support services are available for MBA (Evening) students?
    TMIMT provides extensive support services.