Workshop on Solar Energy

A one day workshop on the topic Solar Energy was organized at University Polytechnic and College of Engineering, TMU Moradabad. The students from all the departments. Electrical, electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Sciences attended the workshop.

The guest speaker for the workshop was Ms. Akansha Maurya (Business Development Manager) Voltrans Energy Pvt, Ltd Ghaziabad who enlightened the students about solar energy.

University Polytechnic building itself has mounted rooftop solar panels which she appreciated and tried to use it as an example to explain to the students clear about the basics of solar energy and solar installation. University Polytechnic and college of engineering of Teerthanker Mahaveer University strives to become a green campus and generate similar awareness amongst its students, resulting in conducting workshops on topics like these.

University Polytechnic & college of Engineering ranks amongst the topmost private colleges in the state of Uttar Pradesh & Delhi NCR for it's polytechnic and B-tech programs and amenities.

Ms. Akansha Maurya clearing the basics about solar energy and its generation advised the students of the environmental and economic benefits solar power energy creates. The solar industry is widely gaining recognition on a global scale as the concern for depleting resources is arising. Solar energy is a non-depleting resource and has low maintenance along with a long life which makes it a much-preferred solution for generating electrical energy.

Talking about the technicalities she explained the process of how the photovoltaic system of the solar panels works and gets converted into electrical energy. Solar-powered industrial and residential projects are now growing as the economic benefits and environmental concerns are growing. Solar-powered elevators, water pumps, gadgets have made it so much cheaper for residential houses, whereas in industries where a mass amount of solar-powered electricity is saving lakhs of rupees for the industrialists with just a small fraction of one-time investment has amplified the scope for solar.

Mr. Aushutosh (MD) also listed few facts about solar energy and how India can save various resources that are used for the generation of electricity and be saved from spending our currency for importing such energy resources. Adding on he said, due to these many factors the solar industry is growing fast and the opportunities for jobs in this sector are on a boom hence polytechnic and engineering students can benefit from this change.

Principal Dr. Amit Sharma who was present for the workshop appreciated the guest lecturers for joining them here at the college and explaining the students about the importance of solar energy and the rising scope of opportunities in the solar industry.