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Higher Education Leadership Workshop

A leader is a breeder & bearer of many responsibilities. People follow and look up to the leader hence its important to not just be a boss but be a part of the team. A boss is like a potter and his team as equipment; the potter is solely responsible to ensure that his equipment works fine and accomplishes to shape the best output.

The education sector is similar to the potter, it literally shapes the future of any nation and for its improvement, it requires to develop better academic leaders of this ever-evolving teaching sector.

Considering this aspect of improving the skills of the academic leaders at their institutes, TMU management conducted a ‘Higher Education Leadership workshop’ for its principals.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ben Tucker and Mr. Rao Bhamidimarri who’s venture Minerva provides consultation and training to Universities and academic leaders worldwide.

The workshop focused on pointing out the roles and responsibilities a leader holds, how a change in the mindset of a boss to being a team-mate is crucial for improving the team built. Building the team spirit and improvising the environment of the workspace is determined by the actions of the boss. This brews team spirit, work compatibility, balanced workload within the team while ultimately providing better results to flourish and succeed on an individual and team basis.

Mr. Ben Tucker, co-founder Minerva highlighted the most common universal problem - communication gap; he stressed how transparency and proper communication is the key to solving 85% of the troubles that arise in the work culture. Once these are dealt with working in a team becomes smooth, time-efficient & effective. In this way, the contribution of the team soars height and benefits to mutual learning.

Whereas, Rao Bhimidimarri implored the principals to be more deeply rooted within their respective teams. He pointed how soft skills and vocal appraisals and recognition of efforts become the driving force of the team while increasing the team value.

The workshop concluded with exploring and understanding the solutions to the challenges that are faced by the academic leaders of the university on day to day basis due to the formidable factors like the time crunch.

The solution to such a problem was back to building a better team as, once the team efficiency is built, there is no going back!

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