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Guest lecture on White Cement and New value-added

The department of Civil Engineering organized a guest seminar on ‘White Cement & new value-added’ at FOE & CCSIT, TMU. The guest lecturer Mr. Anivesh Singh was a keynote speaker from the renowned cement hub JK Cement. Mr. Anivesh Singh from JK Cement elaborated about topics, cement, and concrete in detail.

The program initiated after warmly welcoming Mr. Anivesh Singh with a bouquet of flowers presented to him by the Director and principal Dr. RK Dwivedi & Head of Department Dr. Ravi Jain.

Initially, Mr. Anivesh Singh briefed the students about JK Cement and how it was the first company to bring white cement in India and since then it has made progress which led to having 14 different varieties of white cement pertaining to a variety of specific uses of it. The session was interactive and informative for the students.

He also informed the students regarding the uses of white cement for a variety of common purposes like filling up gaps amidst the tiles, cracks in between the walls and other designing, aesthetic requirements.

Later Mr. Anivesh Singh remarked how civil engineering is more live engineering as its examples are in everything we see in our surroundings right from the roads we walk on to buildings we live in. Hence he asked the students to be more receptive about their surroundings and learn about the practicality of this field.

The guest lecture successfully wrapped up with a vote of thanks presented by the program co-ordinators Anjuliya Kaushik and Sudhendu Tripathi.

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