From the Desk of Principal


"Agriculture is the foundation of manufactures, since the productions of nature are the materials of art."

We witness to an era of ever evolving user friendly technology that has transformed not only social structure but also the thought process of our peasantry. Hence to create a harmonious balance between 'ruralisation' and 'urbanisation', we need to design, develop and manage agriculture evolving revolutionary process to improve social economic status of the masses.

The real India essentially lives in our villages, whose livelihood is primarily bases on agriculture and its allied activities. Hence, the need of the hour is to strengthen the rural economy. This calls for scientific approach and mechanism through which the youth can be imparted latest knowledge and trained on technologies that aid efficient use of resources. The provision of work culture through appropriate atmosphere for education in Agriculture College to improve    service  system   for   technology   development   and

dissemination to provide integrated solution for sustainable agro prosperity of farmers. Agriculture College focuses on multidimensional approach, strong agriculture industry a-line , dissemination of efficiency centric technology with provision of intellectual input for agriculture development and consistent approach to making country ever stronger ahead to serve a happy and prosperous future.

Our purpose is not to prepare job seekers, rather the entrepreneurs in agriculture who can bridge the rural and urban divide. We are committed to provide an enabling environment to our students wherein they can realize their ambitions simultaneously with the realization of growth of the nation.