Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College Ranks amongst the Top Colleges in Uttar Pradesh, India

Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College and Research Centre - TMMC&RC with it’s massive & upgraded infrastructure and excellence in academics is your go-to option for MBBS or postgraduate medical programmes. The college is highly regarded amongst the top medical colleges in UP, India due to it’s numerous elite amenities it provides to it’s students.

Infrastructural Amenities:
Over the expanse of 140 acres, the university campus includes everything from a hostel for boy’s and girl’s with spacious rooms, canteens, mess with sumptuous food in quality & quantity, security cells with 24x7 CCTV surveillance, lecture theatres, gym, indoor sports stadium, exposure to the on-campus Teerthanker Mahaveer Multi super specialty hospital, lush green campus grounds, and highly positive ragging free environment, etc.

Academic Exposure:
TMU’s medical college- TMMC&RC ranks amongst the best private medical colleges in UP & India’s wish-list consolidated by the medical aspirants. TMMC&RC’s dynamic profile in ensuring a more practical approach through regular visits to the TMU Multi Super Specialty hospital, highly equipped laboratories, and smart learning approach via presentations, group discussions, seminars, participation at various competitions has proven as an accurate formula to groom the young medical professionals pursuing MBBS programme. Even amidst the pandemic the college through the online means is providing uninterrupted educational facilities to it’s students.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University gives utmost importance to manicure and curate syllabus defined by the global universities standards. To ensure its valuation, it commits to having professionals and industry experts tend to it regularly so that it is parallel to the industries’ latest happenings.

More than Academics:
TMMC&RC ensures a vibrant culture and stays true to the university’s vision of giving an overall developing environment by imparting equal importance to the extra-curricular activities. The college regularly holds sports competitions while also participating in & organizing cultural and recreational endeavours.

Contribution against COVID-19
The university, medical college, and TMU hospital recently have been garnering much attention due to its high-end services against the ongoing battle with the Corona pandemic. As an educational hub that nurtures medical professionals of multiple facets from MBBS programmes to Nursing, Paramedical, and Pharmacy, TMU Moradabad and its team of professionals helped the government and people fight COVID-19 responsibly.

TMMC&RC recently received an appraisal from Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for installing the BSL – 2 Molecular laboratory having RT – PCR (Open System) for COVID 19, who was also the chief guest for the inauguration ceremony of the lab. The patients admitting to the university can quickly take measures and find out about them being COVID-19 infected or not.

TMU and TMMC&RC always strive to ensure excellence and development for the students and the professionals associated with, becoming one of the best colleges for medical aspirants.

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