The Story of Moradabad, The City Of Brass

Moradabad is a beautiful city, located 167 km away from New Delhi, the capital of our nation. The city lies in Uttar Pradesh state and is a house of export hubs and factories, producing an unfathomable amount of export goods, primarily made out of Brass, and these goods are further traded away to foreign nations thereby generating massive revenue.

Considering the fact that the city is rapidly developing, embracing a tremendous amount of ongoing construction, welfare development schemes and communal collectiveness, this blog will focus on throwing light on the culture and lifestyle in Moradabad. At the same time, this blog will also offer you 5 insightful facts that’ll help you understand the city from a different perspective.

A Brief History Of Moradabad

Moradabad city was established in AD 1625 by Rustam Khan and has been named after Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal’s youngest son Murad Baksh. The city was established as a Chaupala Pargana during Mughal ruler Akbar’s regime. However, in AD 1624, the city was captured by Rustam Khan, the then governor of Sambhal, and renamed the city to Rustam Nagar. Eventually, Rustam Nagar became what we know as Moradabad.

If you’re new to the city, the following few points will surely give you a lot of insight into the city.

Here are 5 things to watch out for when in Moradabad

#1 Famous Religious Shrines
In Moradabad, there are people following and practicing different kinds of religions, primarily among the three sects- Hindu, Muslim & Jain Dharma. River Ram Ganga, a tributary of Ganga flows through the city. Garhmukteshwar, a place around 74 KM away from Moradabad City, a well-known Deity Ganga Shrine, is quite the attraction for people from the city. On the same note, Jama Masjid is quite the famous Mosque, dating back to the rhetoric Mughal Empire.

#2 Malls & Hang-Out Spots
Malls & shopping outlets have become quite the sign for a developing city, wouldn’t you agree to that? Case in point, people from Moradabad are quite frenzying when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, home decor, and luxury. The top malls and market places to hang out with friends and family for a movie or a quick snack & drinks would be:
  • Wave Mall
  • Her Cottage, Civil Lines
  • Parsvnath Mall, Ashiyana Colony
  • Cross Road Mall, Pili Kothi
  • Vishal Mega Mart, Madhubani

Apart from these places in the city, Moradabad has a great connection with the foothills of Himalayas. Even more, most food joints such as Subways, McDonald's, Burger King and Dominos can be located in Gajraula, a place merely 30 minutes from the city on the National Highway 24.

#3 Transportation, Accommodation & Medical Facilities
Talking about transportation, well let’s divide this topic into two parts, intercity, and outer-city. First, let’s talk about Inter-City transportation.

The city is well-connected with public transportation such as state buses & auto-rickshaws (available as private bookings and sharing basis as well). Apart from them, localities prefer private vehicles such as two-wheelers and four-wheelers for the daily commute.

When it comes to outer-city transportation, the Northern Railway is quite a reliable solution. Railways connect the city to the rest of India and trains to New Delhi leave on a daily basis throughout the week. Likewise, state-transport buses offer seamless connectivity to travel to other states. You get AC Volvo services as well as normal buses that leave on a timely basis from the Moradabad Bus Depot, which is 5 minutes away from the Railway Station.

As for the medical facilities, well, the city has numerous privately owned nursing homes, labs, hospitals, and medical centers. Sai Hospital & TMU Hospital/ TMU Dental are a couple of names that’ll be on the tip of your tongue when you get familiar to the place.

#4 Colleges & Schools
Some of the top schools in Moradabad are Modern School, Delhi Public School, PMS, Springfields Public School, Wilsonia. Likewise, the top university & colleges in the city are Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad, MIT & IFTM.

#5 Food & Lifestyle
The last point to talk about amongst all has to be the food and cuisine in Moradabad. The city is famous for fantastic mouth-melting street food (both veg & non-veg) and often do people get out of their houses during the evening and head to the street food stalls to let their taste buds tickled with some flavorsome delicacies. Temptations is one of the finest bakeries in town and has numerous outlets spread across the city at different key spots. Apart from that, there are some fantastic Indian restaurants and the much famous Hotel Regency, which offers luxury dining facilities.

Also, Zomato is quite famous in the city and offers quite a decent service. So if you’re in town, and don’t wanna step out much, try Zomato instead!

Nuff said! It time to make a move. I hope this blog was insightful for you and helped you discovering Moradabad from a fresh perspective. Stay tuned for more blogs on Moradabad City and Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad.

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